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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Jan 27, 1999



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Hide Enumerations for Validation

VB5 introduced support for enumerations, which are related sets of constants. Although you can declare a property as an enumerated type, VB lets you assign any long integer value to the property. Were you able to determine the lowest and highest values in the enumeration, you could easily validate an enumerated property, but the language doesn't support it. Instead, you can inspect the minimum and maximum values by creating hidden members in the enumeration:
Public Enum MyAttitudeEnum
	[_maMin] = 1
	maHappy = 1
	maSad = 2
	maIndifferent = 3
	[_maMax] = 3
End Enum
Inspecting the values of [_maMin] and [_maMax] makes it easy for you to validate against an enumerated type.
Jeffrey McManus
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