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Feb 17, 1999



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Keep Visual InterDev 6 Out of Your DE Connection Strings

Users of Visual InterDev 6 have reported frustrating problems in configuring their data connections while using the Data Environment (DE). Even though you manually edit the Application variables and connection strings in the global.asa file to get the project working, Visual InterDev 6 overwrites your changes the next time you update the DE. Suddenly, the connection that you had working doesn't work anymore.

The key is to recognize that the VID 6 Data Environment only changes text that is found between two delimiters:

 '==Visual InterDev Generated - startspan==
 '==Visual InterDev Generated - endspan==
If you keep your Application("my_Connection") variables after the endspan== delimiter, your changes won't be overwritten by the Visual InterDev 6 environment.
Ken Cox
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