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Language: Web
Expertise: All
Feb 22, 1999

Put Non-Breaking Spaces in Empty HTML Table Cells

The tables that you design so carefully could end up looking odd in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The trouble is that browsers treat empty table cells differently. For instance, an empty cell may be rendered without borders, which can be visually distracting. To give an even appearance to all cells, including empty cells, insert the HTML code for a non-breaking space ( ). A regular blank space doesn't work. You can see the effect of using   by viewing this code in your browser:
<TITLE>Empty cells</TITLE>

<TABLE bgColor=#99cccc 
border=1 borderColor=#669999 
borderColorDark=#ffffff borderColorLight=#000000 
cellPadding=4 cellSpacing=1>
        <TD> </TD>

Browsing this code looks like:

A 2
B 2 5
C 6  

Ken Cox
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