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Language: Java
Expertise: Beginner
Feb 23, 1999



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Center Your Windows

By default, instances of Window subclasses such as Frame and Dialog appear at the upper-left corner of the screen when made visible. For a more user-friendly interface, you can center the component with only a few lines of code:
	//  Create an instance of a Frame subclass
	Frame f = new MyAppFrame();
	//  Get default toolkit for system
	Toolkit tk = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit();
	//  Obtain screen dimensions
	Dimension screenSize = tk.getScreenSize();
	//  Center the Frame instance by setting left and top edges
	f.setLocation((screenSize.width -  f.getSize().width) / 2,
			(screenSize.height - f.getSize().height) / 2);
Brett Spell
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