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Language: C++
Expertise: All
Feb 24, 1999



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Use the Continuation Marker Before a Line Break

C++ statements can be broken into more than a single line. However, you cannot break literal strings such as printf() format string, macros, or literals. When you need a long string, you can use the continuation marker \ (backslash) before a line break:
  #define  MESSAGE "a very long message that cannot fit into \
  a single line. It may be broken more than once \
  like that"

  printf ("%10.10ld  \t %10.10ld \t %s\
  %f", w, x, y, z );
The preprocessor scans the source file before compilation and concatenates lines that are broken by a continuation marker. Thus, the compiler sees such lines as if they were typed without a break. Note that the line break (a hard return/enter) should appear immediately after the backslash.
Danny Kalev
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