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Feb 25, 1999



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Adding Soft Word Wrap to the HTML TextArea Element

When you type inside the <TEXTAREA> element in Netscape Navigator 4.5, the text scrolls horizontally. You need to press Enter to create a new line. Internet Explorer 4 doesn't require a carriage return to wrap the text at the edge of the text area box. To make sure that both browsers wrap text the same way inside the <TEXTAREA> element, you can add the 'wrap' attribute to the element. Set the wrap attribute value to 'soft' for a soft wrap. For example:
<TEXTAREA id="text1" name="text1" wrap="soft" rows=10 cols=60></TEXTAREA>
Using wrap="soft" is especially important if you are using script to update text inside a <TEXTAREA> element and want the text to wrap nicely in Navigator 4.5.
Ken Cox
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