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Feb 27, 1999



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Store Your Code Snippets in the Visual InterDev 6 Toolbox

Chances are you'll need the routines that you write in Visual InterDev 6 in other pages. Once you debug a subroutine, you can add it to the Visual InterDev 6 toolbox for instant access another time. First, click the Toolbox tab and then click the General bar. Highlight the code that you want to store then drag the code and drop it on the General bar. The default name from the snippet is HTML Fragment. To rename it, right-click the default name and click Rename Item. By giving the code a meaningful name you'll recognize it quickly the next time. When you do need the code on a page, you can treat it like any other object or design-time control. Just drag and drop it on to your editable page. If you want to categorize your snippets, you can create any number of bars by right-clicking in the toolbox and then clicking Add Tab.
Ken Cox
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