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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 19, 1999



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Use Unadvertised Controls

When you open VB5's Components list, you'll see many controls and libraries not available for your development. Some are controls you downloaded from Web pages; others come from who knows where.

If you've ever tried adding an unknown control to your IDE, you probably saw an icon added to your control's palette. However, since you couldn't use the control, you probably just ignored them all and selected the controls that you're positive came with your copy of VB. Wait! Open that Component list again and select these items:

Wang Image Admin Control
Wang Image Scan Control
Wang Image Edit Control
Wang Image Thumbnail Control.
Under Windows 98, the name "Kodak" is used, rather than "Wang." Add these items to your palette, then add them to a form. Select the control and press F1. Up pops the developer's help on using the controls in your projects.

These may not be the final word on imaging controls, but with all their properties and methods for image manipulation, conversions, displays, and more, they're leaps and bounds beyond picture and image controls, and they're free-with Windows 95/OSR2, Windows 98, and NT4. The one restriction you need to be aware of is that these controls are not redistributable, and Windows 95 users must download them (from http://www.eastmansoftware.com) and perform the separate install themselves.

Robert Smith
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