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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 19, 1999



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Activate Single Control on All Tabs

A single object, employing a single set of event routines, may be used across all pages in the SSTab control. Draw the object on the form that contains the SSTab and drag it on any page on SSTab. The object appears in the same location on all pages and can be operated from any page, because it occupies a higher position in the ZOrder. I've found this useful for items such as a command button to exit the program from any page.

You can also use this technique for textboxes, listboxes, and combo boxes. Information entered on one page appears on all others and can be changed on any page. If you don't want the control to appear on certain pages, then code the click event for SSTab, like this:

Private Sub SSTab1_Click(PreviousTab As Integer)
	If SSTab1.Tab = 1 or SSTab1.Tab = 3 Then 
		cmdQuit.Visible = False
		cmdQuit.Visible = True
	End If 
End Sub
You can use similar coding to change other properties on different pages, such as repositioning by setting up a Select Case block on SSTab1.Tab for more complex instructions.
Marvin Boehm
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