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Mar 26, 1999



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Use Brackets to Keep VID 6 Happy

When you use the Scripting Object Model (SOM) in Visual InterDev 6, keep in mind that the script library is biased towards JavaScript. Your perfectly valid VBScript may produce strange errors when interpreted by the SOM. For instance, this line of VBScript:
might produce bizarre text in the browser, such as:
<=function _LB_getValue(nIndex) { if (typeof(nIndex) == 'undefined') nIndex 
= this.selectedIndex; if (!isNaN(parseInt(nIndex)) && nIndex >= 0 && nIndex 
< this.getCount()) return this._options[nIndex].value; return ''; } 
The SOM script library is actually returning its own code instead of the value that you requested. The fix is simple--just add brackets to the VBScript method:
Whenever your code produces unexpected results from the script library, adding a couple of brackets could be the fastest fix.
Ken Cox
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