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Language: C++
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Mar 12, 1999



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Date: 1/31/2018 @ 2 p.m. ET

Prefer Initialization to Assignment of Objects

In general, assignment requires the creation and destruction of a temporary object, whereas initialization does not. This is true for not just for strings, but for every object type, so whenever you have the choice--prefer initialization to assignment. Consider this code snippet:
    string s1 = "Hello ",  s2 = "World", both;
    both = s1+s2;   // assignment rather than initialization; inefficient 
The compiler transforms the expression both = s1+s2; into:
    string temp (s1 + s2);  // store result in a temporary
    both = temp;   // assign 
    temp.Date::~Date();  // destroy temp
This snippet could have been written in a much more efficient way:
    string s1 = "Hello ",  s2 = "World";
    string both = s1+s2;  // initialization is more efficient than assignment
This time, the compiler transforms the expression both = s1+s2; into:
    string both (s1 + s2); 
Danny Kalev
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