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Mar 30, 1999



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How to Change the Text Color of a VID OptionGroup Script Object

The Visual InterDev 6 OptionGroup design-time control (DTC) provides several properties that you can set. These properties include whether or not to add a border around the group and whether to align the radio buttons vertically or horizontally. Unfortunately, you can't set the text color using the DTC. However, you can set the text color using HTML styles. When you look at the runtime code for an option group, you notice that the text is created with the HTML label tag. With that knowledge, you can set a style for label tags. For instance, when you insert this HTML code into the HEAD of the HTML document, it produces white text in the option group at run time.
label {color:white}
As with all Visual InterDev 6 script objects, make sure you test the page on your target browsers for compatibility.
Ken Cox
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