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Apr 7, 1999



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How to Repair a Corrupt Metabase in Internet Information Server

Those unexplained errors you get when working with Internet Information Server (IIS) using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) might stem from corruption in the IIS metabase. The IIS metabase stores most configuration settings for IIS the way Windows' registry stores system and program settings. One sign of a metabase problem is the error message: "An error occurred reading or setting a configuration parameter (8008005)."

To repair your metabase, follow these simple steps. First, start the Microsoft Management Console using the Internet Service Manager. Expand the Microsoft Transaction Server node, then the Computers node, the My Computer node, and finally the Packages Installed node. Right-click System and bring up its property page. On the Identity tab, change from the Interactive user to This user, and browse to a user name that has administrator privileges on the computer. If you get an error message indicating that passwords have been mismatched, answer Yes to resynchronize them. Finally, reboot the server.

Ken Cox
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