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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 16, 1999



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Ensure Foolproof Data Entry Times

Asking users to enter time values can often lead to problems formatting what the user enters. I use this piece of code to create a drop-down list of hours, minutes, and AM/PM, which ensures the user specifies the proper time and eliminates problems manipulating the time later in the program.

To use this example, create a combo-box array with three combo boxes: lower bound = 0; upper bound = 2; and a command button. Use this code:

Private Sub Form_Load()
	Dim i As Integer, strTemp As String

	'Fill hour combo box
	For i = 12 To 1 Step -1
		Combo1(0).AddItem i
	Next i

	'Fill minutes combo box
	For i = 0 To 59
		strTemp = i
		If Len(strTemp) = 1 Then strTemp = "0" & i
		Combo1(1).AddItem ":" & strTemp
	Next i

	'Fill AM/PM combo box
	Combo1(2).AddItem "AM"
	Combo1(2).AddItem "PM"

	'First item in each combo box is displayed
	For i = Combo1.LBound To Combo1.UBound
		Combo1(i).ListIndex = 0
	Next i
End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()
	Dim sTime

	'Format the time VB style
	sTime = "#" & Combo1(0) & Combo1(1) & ":00 " _
		& Combo1(2) & "#"
	MsgBox sTime
End Sub
Jason Natale
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