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May 1, 1999



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Add Unsupported HTML Attributes in Visual InterDev 6 Objects

While the Visual InterDev 6 Scripting Object Model (SOM) is great for rapid development of Web sites, the SOM doesn't support all HTML attributes. For instance, the SOM doesn't support Navigator's wrap=virtual attribute in the Textarea tag. Although editing the VID script libraries is a bad idea, there's nothing to stop you from making a copy of an existing script library, customizing the code, and saving the script library file under another name. For example, to fix the Textarea problem, your customized textbox.asp, called mytextbox.asp would change this line:
strHTML = '<' + 'TEXTAREA id="' + this.id + '" name="' + this.name + '" rows=' + this._nRowCount;
To this:
strHTML = '<' + 'TEXTAREA wrap=virtual id="' + this.id + '" name="' + this.name + '" rows=' + this._nRowCount;
Of course, you'll have to convert the script object to run-time text before you can edit the name of the included file:
<!--#INCLUDE FILE="_ScriptLibrary/mytextbox.ASP"-->
Keep in mind that once you convert to runtime text, you can no longer edit the object with the design-time control.
Ken Cox
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