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Tip of the Day
Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
May 11, 1999

Join Two Files Together

The DOS Copy command allows you to take the contents of two different files and put them one after the other into a third file. You can do the same thing in VB with this subroutine:
Public Sub JoinFiles(Source1 As String, Source2 As String, _
	Dest As String)
	Dim Buffer() As Byte

	Open Source1 For Binary Access Read As #1
	Open Source2 For Binary Access Read As #2
	Open Dest For Binary Access Write As #3

	ReDim Buffer(1 To LOF(1))
	Get #1, , Buffer
	Put #3, , Buffer

	ReDim Buffer(1 To LOF(2))
	Get #2, , Buffer
	Put #3, , Buffer

	Close #1, #2, #3
End Sub
In a production app, use FreeFile rather than hard-code the file handles.
Russell Davis
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