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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 1, 1997



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Create "Remotely Controllable" Forms

Sometimes I need to control a VB form while focus is on another one. For example, I want form B to be resized when I press the "OK" button on form A. In every form that must be "remote controllable," I include an invisible text box, such as TextCommand, with the Change procedure containing code like this:
Sub TextCommand_Change ()
        Dim msg as string       
        msg = Trim$(Me.TextCommand.Text)
        If Len(msg) = 0 Then Exit Sub

        Select Case msg
                Case "COMMAND_RESIZE"
                        Call MyFormResize
                Case "COMMAND_REPAINT"
                        Call MyFormPaint                
        End Select
        Me.TextCommand = ""
End Sub
You can remotely control this form by sending the appropriate value to its TextCommand field:
Sub Command1_Click ()
        formB.TextCommand = "COMMAND_RESIZE"
End Sub
Use this code to send messages from an MDI form to its child:
Dim f As Form
Set f = Me.ActiveForm
f.TextCommand = "COMMAND_RESIZE" 
If you program under VB4 or VB5, you might wish to use Public form properties and methods instead.
Alex Klikouchin
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