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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 4, 1997



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Where Does It End?

When using the line-continuation character facility-the combination of a space followed by an underscore (_) used in the development environment to extend a single logical line of code to two or more physical lines-it can be difficult to determine where the sentence begins and ends. One easy way to avoid this difficulty is to set a breakpoint in the desired line. The line will be set to the breakpoint color, becoming an obvious code line. To remove the breakpoint from the Run menu, choose Toggle Breakpoint (F9) again. To set a breakpoint, position the insertion point anywhere in a line of the procedure where you want execution to halt. From the Run menu, choose Toggle Breakpoint (F9). The breakpoint is added, and the line is set to the breakpoint color defined in the Editor tab of the Options dialog box.
Jose Alberto
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