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Language: C++
Expertise: Beginner
Feb 17, 1998



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A Simple, Easy, and Efficient Way to Initialize Structs

Struct instances created on the stack are uninitialized (i.e., contain garbage values). The easiest, most efficient, and future-proof way to initialize them is:
struct  PlainData {
char [20] name;
long ID;
char [15] phone;
//... other fields as many as you like 

int main()
	PlainData data = {0};  
//automatic initialization of the rest 					
//of data to binary zeroes is 						
//guaranteed both for C and C++
This is a much better way than manually assigning values to all the fields of the struct (which may also turn into a maintenance nightmare when new struct members are added or deleted) and it is at least as efficient as a memset() call—usually much more efficient.
Danny Kalev
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