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Feb 20, 1998



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Prefer const_cast<> to C-style cast to Remove Object "constness"

When you have to "unconst" an object, as in this case:
void print( unsigned char* c) { cout<<c<<endl; }

int main()
	const unsigned char *c = "some text";
	print(c); //compilation error, passing a const 						//arg to function which takes a non 				     //const arg. Need to "unconst" it first
Instead of removing the "constness" of c this way:
print( (unsigned char *) c); //C-style cast; not recommended
Use the built-in const_cast<> operator instead:
print( const_cast<unsigned char *> (c) ); //C++ style
What are the advantages? First, you make your code more readable, since your intention is now clearer: you
Danny Kalev
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