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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 6, 1997



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Fast Database Lookups

Visual Basic doesn't have a procedure like the DLookUp function that Access has. You can use this procedure in VB to receive the Name of an object by ID:
Public Function MyDLookUp(Column As _
        String, TableName As String, _
        Condition As String) As Variant
Dim Rec As Recordset
On Error GoTo MyDlookUp_Err

' gCurBase is a global variable that 
' holds the database that is currently 
' opened
Set Rec = gCurBase.OpenRecordset_
        ("Select * From " & TableName)
Rec.FindFirst Condition
If Not Rec.NoMatch Then
        ' return the requested field if 
        ' matching
        MyDLookUp = Rec(Column)
        Exit Function
End If

' return -1 if there is no match, or any 
' other error
        MyDLookUp = -1
End Function
Valery Belfor
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