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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 6, 1997



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Find the Selected Control in an Array of Option Buttons

Use this code to find the index of the currently selected control in an array of option buttons:
Function WhichOption(Options As _
        Object) As Integer
' This function returns the index of the 
' Option Button whose value is true.

        Dim i
        ' In case Options is not a valid 
        ' object
        On Error GoTo WhichOptErr
        ' Default to failed
        WhichOption = -1
        ' check each OptionButton in the 
        ' array. Note this fails if indices 
        ' are not consecutive
        For i = Options.lbound To _
                If Options(i) Then
                        ' when the one set to true is 
                        ' found, Remember it
                        WhichOption = i
                        ' and stop looking
                        Exit For
                End If

End Function
Call the function with code like this, assuming that iCurOptIndex is an integer and Option1 is the name of an array of OptionButton controls:
iCurOptIndex = WhichOption(Option1)
Note the function parameter is an object. This function only works if the parameter is an object or a variant.
Terry Conkright
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