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Data Access And Management - Page 3

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Get Separate Records for the Comma Delimited Values of One Field (TSQL)
by K.Nageswara Rao
Serialize Data Using a PropertyBag
by Mike Kurtz
Get the Average Value Across the Columns by Using the AVG() Function
by K.Nageswara Rao
Use CopyFromRecordset With ODBC Recordsets
by Leonid Strakovskiy
Sorting SQL Results in Your Own Preferred Order
by Kapil Srivastava
Populate a Normalized Table with Data from an Unnormalized Table
by Rajender Dhanwada
Use XML to Store Your App Settings in ASP
by Jatin Shah
Breaking Data Hiding
by Dharmender Rai
Get the Maximum Value Across Columns in TSQL
by Harinatha Reddy
Declaring Variables in C++
by Wael Salman
Determine the Last Day of the Month
by Barry Garvin
A Useful Retrieval Procedure
by Arsenio Tacardon
Insert Large Numbers of Rows into a Database Table with PL/SQL
by Mahalakshmi Vijayaraj
Boolean Operations Between Bit Variables in SQL
by Daniel Nagdimunov
Send Email Using OLE Automation Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2000
by Somaiah Manukonda
Store XML in C++ Source Code
by Ivaylo Dimitrov
Keep Your Projects Intact
by Ron Schwarz
VB has always gone out of its way to take care of mundane housekeeping tasks without bothering you with the details. But sometimes the best intentions can create unintended problems. When you ...
Bind Option Buttons to Data Controls
by Chris Schneider
The Option button is a convenient way to display multiple options from which only one can be selected. One problem is that the Option button cannot be bound to a data control. Here
The Use of the "this" Pointer in JavaScript
by Amit Vij
This tip explains how to pass an object to a JavaScript function and retrieve the values from the "this" object. See the following piece of ...
Use JavaScript to Add a Timed Automatic Refreshing Function to a Page
by Kumaravel
Using the JavaScript program, you can let the user view a Web page only for certain time. After that specific period, without the user interaction the page will dispel another a page.
41-60 of 736     Previous     Next
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