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Data Access And Management - Page 3

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Using XPathDocument in XPath Queries
by Sonu Kapoor
This tip shows how to use the .NET class XPathDocument instead of XmlDocument when you're working with XPath queries.
Return the Absolute File Path of a Class
by Vijayanandraj Amaladoss
This code retrieves the local absolute path of the class file containing the specified class name, as prescribed by the current classpath.
Report the Name of the Current Database Instance
by Shushil Srivastava
Use this small code snippet to query the GLOBAL_NAMES view in Oracle.
Warning Signs in SQL Code
by Ross Lambert
Find out how to spot landmines in your SQL code.
Create a Sortable Column Dynamically
by Ian Lane
Learn how to customize the sorting of your resultset using the CASE function.
Object Instance Comparison
by Joe Briere
Search a Directory for Files with a Pattern
by Supal Chowdhury
Eliminate Data Caching from Your Browser
by Sridhar MS
Linking Your Access Databases with ADOX
by Leng Dieb
Retrieve the rowCount Without Looping
by Shyamala Krishnan
Determine the Value of a Date Variable
by Guoran Xie
Using the IF Condition in SQL with an Oracle Database
by Sridhar MS
Dynamically Create a Sortable Column
by Ian Lane
Get Details of the Aggregated Data
by Dinesh Asanka
Get Separate Records for the Comma Delimited Values of One Field (TSQL)
by K.Nageswara Rao
Serialize Data Using a PropertyBag
by Mike Kurtz
Get the Average Value Across the Columns by Using the AVG() Function
by K.Nageswara Rao
Use CopyFromRecordset With ODBC Recordsets
by Leonid Strakovskiy
Sorting SQL Results in Your Own Preferred Order
by Kapil Srivastava
Populate a Normalized Table with Data from an Unnormalized Table
by Rajender Dhanwada
41-60 of 750     Previous     Next
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