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Adding Longs Without Overflowing
by Oracy
Calling C Libraries from .NET
by Saroj Kabra
Use the following code to display a message box whenever the library raises an error.
Platform-independent New Line Characters
by MS Sridhar
Java provides a handle with which you can retrieve the specific new line character for the type of operating system you're working on.
Displaying Mouseover Text in Web Pages
by MS Sridhar
Find out an easy way to display mouseover text in Web pages.
Release COM objects immediately
by Francesco Balena
When you use a COM or COM+ from a .NET application and then you set the object reference to Nothing (or let it go out of scope), the object isn't released immediately. The reason: your program communicates with the COM object through a Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW) object, which is responsible ...
Release COM objects earlier
by Francesco Balena
If you're using a COM object through COM Interop you should be aware that the object isn't released as soon as you set it to Nothing, as it happens with VB6. Instead, the object will be released only at the first garbage collections that occurs after the object is set to Nothing or goes out of ...
Control The Amount of Time a Socket Will Linger Before Resetting
by Sandeep Gain
When a socket wishes to terminate a connection it can linger, allowing unsent data to be transmitted, or it can
How to Prevent a Class From Serialization
by Rajesh KS
The following code prevents classes from ...
Make a phone call using TAPI
by Francesco Balena
If TAPI libraries are installed on your machine, you can easily dial a number from a VB application using a single API call. Here's a function that encapsulates the call and that returns True if the dialing was successful: Private Declare Function tapiRequestMakeCall Lib "TAPI32.DLL" ...
Testing for Closed Socket
by DevX Pro
Is there any way to test if a socket is still open without writing to it?
Reverse DNS
by DevX Pro
If I can use the "InetAddress" class to acquire the IP address of a computer, is there a way to get the computer's name from an IP address?
Exchange Server and Windows 98
by DevX Pro
Can Exchange Server run with Windows 98 or does it require NT? I want to use Outlook as a common pool of contact information within my office. However, when I tried it two years ago Outlook required Exchange Server to share files effectively between users and Exchange Server required the NT platform. Has that changed?
Sharing Contact Folders
by DevX Pro
How do I set up the administrator contact subfolders as an address book on a different mailbox in order to allow other users to add information?
Create a NNTP Offline Server
by Jose Antonio
Here's the code to simulate a simple NNTP server that provides ...
Client Says Not to Use Joins in VB App?
by DevX Pro
I have a client that used to be an Oracle programmer years ago who tells me I'm designing his SQL 7.0 database all wrong because I'm using joins in the VB app! He says "joins use I/O on the machine...", etc. I've tried explaining that this is no longer an issue—that joins are used effectively between 2–4 tables all the time, but he won't let it go. How can I explain this to him?
Layout Manager for Scrolling DIV's
by Chris McCann
A scrolling DIV is a great way to display a large amount of data without ...
Migrating NetFolder Calendar to Exchange
by DevX Pro
Our company uses NetFolders to share the company calendar, which has extensive listings. We are about to install Exchange 5.5. What's the best way to move the calendar intact once Exchange is up and running?
Objects and Sockets
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to send an object over a socket connection in Java?
Use of SocketImpl Class
by DevX Pro
What is the SocketImpl class used for?
VB and WinSock
by DevX Pro
Winsock with VB works fine if I specify a port (e.g., 1001). However when I set the Winsock's port (local and remote) properties to 0 so that they would be dynamically chosen, it doesn't work (The protocol used is TCP). Why?
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