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Viewing Resource in Public Folder
by DevX Pro
I have set up conference rooms as mailboxes in Outlook 2000, which is working well but I have a few questions: Currently, we have to schedule the room as a resource before the "automatically decline conflicting meeting requests" works. Do I have something configured incorrectly? If you invite the "room" as a required attendee, it can be double-booked. Is there a way to display a conference room's mailbox as a public folder that users can access to see room availability, who has booked the room, etc.? I would like to have this happen automatically and I would like it to have a real-time display. Later, I would like to set up resources as a group (e.g., for a video conference meeting between two of our sites, I would like the room for both sites, as well as the video conferencing equipment to be just two selections in Outlook—one for each site.)
Limit Access to Free/Busy
by DevX Pro
Our CEO has three Personal Assistants who access his Mail and Calendar Items. He does not anyone else to be able to book a meeting directly. How can he gray out his Free/Busy when someone invites him to a meeting?
Synchronize Public Folders
by DevX Pro
How do I set up offline public folders that are synchronized on a laptop that runs Outlook 98 connecting to Exchange 5.5?
Broadcast Messages to Online Users Only
by DevX Pro
Is there any way in Outlook/Exchange to send out a message to all users currently logged on (like a network broadcast)? We currently send system announcements (such as for emergency outages) to all users by e-mail, which takes extra resources and clutters mailboxes for those who aren't even using the system.
Scheduling a Conference Room with Exchange
by DevX Pro
How do you set up Outlook 2000 and Exchange 5.5 to use resource scheduling accounts, such as conference rooms? There are several posts about how to do this without one of these two tools, but nothing that answers this question.
Improving Usability with the LABEL Tag
by Chris McCann
When it comes to usability, the devil is in the details. Annoying little quirks can make your users hate to use your perfectly good web app. One easy (but often overlooked) way to improve ...
Image-Based Menu Problem with Internet Explorer 5.0
by Ajith Prasad
With the introduction of Internet Explorer 5.0, many people had to remove the image-based menus from their Web sites. The reason for this is bad performance. When the file-caching mode is set to ...
Autoforwarding Public Appointments to a Group
by DevX Pro
How do I forward appointments made to a public calendar to a set group of people?
Outlook / Exchange Shared Calendars
by DevX Pro
We have an Exchange server and are running Outlook 2000 on dozens of workstations. What is the best and easiest way to share calendars?
Interplatform Networking
by DevX Pro
I want to connect a Java client program to a C/C++ server application using sockets. What is the easiest way of doing this?
Range of Ports Available to ServerSockets
by Behrouz Fallahi
The java.net.ServerSocket class implements a server socket. A server socket waits for requests to come in over the network. It performs some operation based on that request, and then possibly returns ...
'Wait Please...' Implementation
by Dmitry Namiot
It is a common task for servlet (JSP) developers to have to display something with a server-based operation (calculation) that wastes a lot of time. Suppose you have a very long calculation and need ...
Mouseover Effects for Links
by Maheshwar D.
The following code can be used in the <HEAD> tag of an HTML document for automatic mouseover effects on all links on the page. The styles 'a' and 'a:visited' are used for compatibility with ...
by DevX Pro
When I use InetAdress.getAllByName(String host) on my workstation, I get two IP addresses. One is for the LAN connection and the other is for the dialup connection. I need to get the dial up connection's IP address because the LAN's IP address is only known by the local network. Is there a way to determine which IP is which? Are they ordered or something?
Outlook Web Access for Outside Users
by DevX Pro
Our company is using Exchange 5.5 as its e-mail server and Outlook as the base e-mail client. What considerations do we, as a company, need to be aware of in order to allow our consultants (all of them are remote employees) to have Internet e-mail accounts through our company using OWA and a browser? Are there special domain issues we need to address? What about global address lists and other shared items? Our home-office employees have a firstname.lastname@company.com e-mail address and we'd like our consultants to have the same thing.
Putting Another User's Calendar on the Outlook Bar
by DevX Pro
What is the easy way for a user to access another user's calendar (or any other folder in the mailbox)? With Outlook 97/98 you can use the not-so-user-friendly File > Open Special command. And with Outlook 2000 the other user's folder is a link under File > Open. But there must be a way to have the other user's calendar be a shortcut (or something) in the folderlist or on the Outlook shortcut-bar.
Creating Public Folders
by DevX Pro
The department I am in would like to have a kind of "posting" center for questions or a kind of "discussion thread" area only accessible to our department. We would like to utilize Exchange for this purpose. Because I and the department are not familiar with Exchange, could you advise me as to what is it from Exchange that would best suit us? Is it considered a mailbox?
Moving from Fox for DOS to Visual FoxPro
by DevX Pro
I would like some Visual FoxPro application as a starting guide in VFP 6. I'm finding it hard to add commands using a form. For example, I want to add records using a form, provided that the record number is not yet existing. I know FoxPro for DOS very much but I can't apply my programming skills in Visual FoxPro.
Handling Complex Initialization
by Manoj K.
Complex initializations need only be done once and the result stored for later use. For example if you need to create a list of integer values and then load them, you can create a class that stores ...
EXE File with No Interface That Takes Arguments
by DevX Pro
I have two questions: 1. How do I make an EXE file without a interface (no form)? 2. How do I make that EXE file take arguments and how do I use them in the program?
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