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Interoperability - Page 4

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Track Clicks on Element With Expando Property
by Kurt Cagle
Browsers Targeted: Internet Explorer 4 and ...
CSS Properties: Display vs. Visibility
by Kurt Cagle
< ...
Exchange Client Setup for Sensitive E-mails
by DevX Pro
Can you explain if the Exchange client can be set up as follows: User A has shared the Inbox for Secretary A. User A receives a message from another user that is to be seen only by User A. By default Secretary A can read this too. What is the best way to keep Secretary A from reading User A's mail? Can Advance Security be set up for a "Prompt on open password"?
Opening Multiple Mailboxes
by DevX Pro
In our organization, some employees belong to a group mailbox. Is it possible to open multiple mailboxes (including some shared ones) from a single Exchange profile?
Public Folders as Conference Rooms
by DevX Pro
How do I set up public folders as conference rooms and see available times in the meeting planner? If I add the rooms as a resource it gives me no available times.
Setup of SQL on the Client Side
by DevX Pro
I own a company and have two database servers. One is MS SQL6.5 and the other is a Sybase server. I want to access both servers on a client machine. What are the required components to access both servers? I know I will need to begin with installing MS SQL for clients on the client machine. What will it take to connect to both servers?
Apply a DHTML Effect to a Specific Style
by DevX Pro
I have two different styles on my page: "content" and "small". To avoid the "onmouseover..." lines within the tags, I defined the A:Hover line. Now if a user moves the mouse over a link, the text changes to red. The problem is that I want the red onmouseover effect only on the text with the "content" style. For the "small" style, I can't seem to define its own onmouseover color.
Change Button's Destination Depending on Option Clicked
by DevX Pro
I have a menu frame that has a popup menu with many options and four buttons below it. How can I change the buttons' destination links depending on the option that the user makes in the popup menu?
Determine Time on Client Machine
by DevX Pro
How can I get the system time using HTML and JavaScript?
Another Way to Include .css File in a Web Page
by Jai Bardhan
Above IE 4.0, you can use a different syntax for importing the contents of a .css file. The general way is to link to the external .css file. However, when working with IE 4.0 and higher, you also ...
Pictures in Global Address List
by DevX Pro
Is there any way that pictures of users can be downloaded into the system so that when you pull up their name and select "Properties" you can get a photo of them?
Unexpected Socket Close
by DevX Pro
How do you determine when a client has closed its socket, so that a server can cease to wait for messages from that client?
Dynamic Content Using Radio Buttons
by DevX Pro
I wrote JavaScript code that displays different text depending on the radio button clicked. I used innerHTML to display text, which works fine on Internet Explorer 5 but not on Netscape 4.6. What should I do?
Incorrect IP Lookup
by DevX Pro
I have an application which uses dialup networking. If I connect after starting my application, InetAddress.getLocalHost() always returns Even if I connect before starting up, then disconnect and reconnect, the IP address I was assigned on the first connection by PPP is returned and not the new one. Why is this happening?
Replace Selected Content
by DevX Pro
How do I replicate the pasteHTML function supported by Internet Explorer in Netscape? Rewriting the layer isn't the problem. The problem is determining the position of the text returned by the getSelection(). For example, how would I allow a user to select a piece of text on the screen and modify it (i.e. make it bold)? If the selected word appears more than once in the text, I can't just find() it.
Public Folder as an Outlook Address Book
by DevX Pro
I am using Exchange Server 5.5 and Outlook 97 on about 30 workstations. I use a public folder to store shared contact info. On all but two of the workstations I can right-click public folder, go to Properties and the Outlook Address Book tab, then check the box to use it as an Outlook Address Book. However, on those two, the box is grayed out. Do you know why it is unavailable?. It is driving me crazy.
Real Time Programming: Myths and Reality
by Danny Kalev
The term "real time" has become a buzzword, as in "real time stock quotes" or "real time database queries". However, neither a database-oriented system nor a NYSE stock ticker running on your desktop ...
Determine Position of Object Relative to Page
by DevX Pro
I am using the eventObj.x and eventObj.y to obtain the position of a link when the mouse is over it to determine where to show a help text box. In Netscape and Internet Explorer 4, the eventObj.y returns the number of pixels the object is from the top of the page. Therefore, if it were 50 pixels from the top, it stayed consistent no matter where I scrolled to on the page. But in IE5, it was not working, so I used the alert box to return the value when the mouse moved over the object. If I scrolled on the page so the link object was at the top edge of the visible window, then it returned a low number (2, 3, and so on). If I scrolled down, the number increased. So the position where the text help box appeared changed depending on where the window was scrolled to, instead of appearing next to the link each time. Is this a flaw in IE5, or does IE5 have another way to determine the x and y position relative to the page? In other words, in IE5, it appears that eventObj.y returns the number of pixels that the link is from the top of the visible window, not of the Web page itself.
Nested Quotes and JavaScript
by DevX Pro
I am trying to use document.writeln to write a table onto a floating menu bar. Part of the table cell's events is Java code. When it reaches the semicolons in the code for the table, it thinks it is the end of the line. How can I pass semicolons in document.writeln so JavaScript knows it's not at the end? document.writeln ('
Refresh Part of a Page
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to refresh or redraw part of a screen display using HTML and JavaScript without using frames? I want the top 1/4 of my screen to display constant information and have the bottom 3/4 of the screen be the user-input section, which will refresh or reset the input boxes when all of the displayed boxes have been filled in.
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