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Something to Remember When Filtering Keystrokes
by Oracy
Language: Visual Basic Classic (6 and earlier)||Expertise: Advanced
Move a Title-less Form
by Liam Goodacre
If you've struggled with setting static variables in MouseDown, and MouseUp commands to enable users to drag borderless windows around the screen, here's a simpler way.
Clear All the Controls in a Form
by Syed Mohamed
Use this code to clear all the controls in a form.
Use Java to Extract All the Name-value Pairs from a URL
by Elayaraja David
Find out how to use Java to extract all the name-value pairs from a URL.
Managing the Form Flow in J2ME
by Alejandro Parodi
To manage form flow, the first thing you need to do is create a singleton class with static methods.
How to Set Topmost Forms
by Patrick Marshall
This tip explains how to use Topmost forms and shares some workarounds for some of their usage problems.
SaveCSV - Saving the content of a FlexGrid control as a CSV-file
by Pebe
Save the content of a FlexGrid control as a CSV-file Example: SaveCSV("C:\Test.csv", MSFlexGrid1)
Close All Child Forms in One Shot
by Unnikrishnan Thampy
Execute a Temporary SQL Stored Procedure
by Parthasarathy Mandayam
If a user doesn
A New Look at the Select Case
by Michael C.
Who says the Select Case can evaluate only one statement? Try Select Case True instead of the If
CenterCaptionInAdodc - Center a caption on an ADODC Data control
by Bill O'Neil
Center caption in Adodc control Input: frmForm - Form Adodc contol in on datAdodc - Adodc control sCaption - Caption text Output: Padded Caption text
GetSelectedOption - Get the selected element in an OptionButton control array
by Wim De Smet
Determine which element of an option button control array was selected Returns -1 if no control has been selected Use : OptSelected = GetSelectedOption(Option1)
Allow Interval Greater Than Timer Controls
by Alex Whyte
When you need a timer for a larger interval than the Timer control allows, insert this code into a BAS module. The procedure starts when the timer interval has ...
Use the Erl Function to Debug
by Aaron Crandall
When you
Detect whether a field on a form has been edited
by Francesco Balena
Many tip & trick collections report that you can learn if the contents of a text box has been modified by sending a EM_GETMODIFY message to the control. Actually, getting this information is much more simple. Just test the DataChange property: if non zero the field has been modified since the ...
Determine whether a control has a scrollbar
by Francesco Balena
There is no built-in VB function that lets you know whether a control - such as a ListBox - is currently displaying a vertical scrollbar. Here's a pair of functions that check the control's style bits and return a Boolean that tells if a vertical or horizontal scrollbar is visible:
Incremental searches within list boxes
by Francesco Balena
The DBList and DBCombo controls expose a MatchEntry property, that - when set to True - permits to perform quick incremental searches by simply typing the searched sequence of characters. If MatchEntry is set to False, any time the user presses a key, the next item that begins with that ...
Move focus with Up and Down keys
by Francesco Balena
In all standard controls, Up and Down arrow keys move the focus on the previous or next control in the TabIndex order, respectively. This contrasts with text boxes, where these keys move the caret on the adjacent character, which you can achieve in a more natural way using the Left and Right ...
Mutually exclusive list boxes
by Francesco Balena
Many Windows programs use two adjacent list box controls to let the user select a number of items from a list of available values; such list boxes are mutually exclusive, in the sense that a given item always appear in the list box on the left (available items) or in the list box on the right ...
Using Enter to move to next field
by Francesco Balena
Most MsDos programs used the Enter key to move from one field to the next one. You can easily simulate this behavior by setting the form's KeyPreview property to True and writing this code in the Form_KeyPress event: Sub Form_KeyPress (KeyAscii As Integer) If KeyAscii = 13 Then ...
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