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Graphic Design - Page 3

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Minimizing Flicker in Animation
by Nitin Garg
Flickering in animation is caused due to the default behavior ...
DrawSystemIcon - Draw a system icon on any device context
by Francesco Balena
draw a system icon on the specified device context
GetBitmapInfo - Retrieve width, height and colors in a bitmap
by Francesco Balena
Returns info on a bitmap loaded into a picture Pass the Picture property in the first argument Find the results in the remaining arguments
GetScreenSnapshot - Capture a window or the entire screen
by Marco Bellinaso
Capture the contents of a window or the entire screen
GetSystemIcon - Get a Windows standard icon as a StdPicture object
by Marco Bellinaso
returns a Windows standard icon (e.g. the icons used in the Message Boxes) Requires the IconToPicture function
IconToPicture - Convert an icon handle to a Picture object
by Francesco Balena
Convert an icon handle to a Picture object
Customizing an Editable JComboBox
by Roy Lachapelle
A previous tip explained how to change the appearance of the 'list selection' cells of a JComboBox by setting the attributes of the JComboBox object's ListCellRenderer.
AreaFill - Fill an area with a solid color
by Francesco Balena
Fill a region using the current color or brush OBJ can be a form or a control that exposes a device context (eg a picture box) X,Y are given in the current system coordinates If BORDERCOLOR is specified, fills the area enclosed by a border of that color If BORDERCOLOR is omitted, the area ...
TranslateColor - Convert a VB color or system color constant
by Francesco Balena
convert a VB color constant to a COLORREF accepts both RGB() values and system color constants
ChangeScreenResolution - Change the current screen resolution
by Francesco Balena
change the screen resolution mode returns True if the requested resolution mode is among those supported by the display adapter (otherwise it doesn't even try to change the screen resolution)
GetDisplaySettings - Retrieve information about available display modes
by Francesco Balena
Fill two arrays with information about all available display modes displayInfo() is a bi-dimentional matrix where each row is a display mode displayInfo(n, 0) is the horizontal resolution displayInfo(n, 1) is the vertical resolution displayInfo(n, 2) is the number of colors displayInfo(n, ...
Print3D - Display text with 3D effect
by Francesco Balena
Display a text with 3D effect OBJ can be a form or a PictureBox TEXT is the text to be displayed X, Y are the coordinate (in twips or in current coordinate system) SHADOWCOLOR is the color of the shadow (default is black) SHADOWOFFSET is the distance of shadow in pixels (default is 1 ...
TileBitmap - Tile a bitmap using the PaintPicture method
by Francesco Balena
Tile a bitmap to a form or a Bitmap box Target can be a Form or a BitmapBox control Bitmap can be the Bitmap property of a PictureBox or an Image control, or the return value of a LoadPicture function Example: TileBitmap Form1, LoadPicture("C:\myimage.bmp")
Positioning the Cursor
by DevX Pro
In qbasic there is a command called LOCATE. What it does is locate where you want your output on the screen, eg: locate 1,1: meaning one down and one acorss. Is there a command like that in C++, and what is it?
Signals and Public Slots Blocks
by DevX Pro
Everybody knows the meaning of public, private, and protected blocks in a class interface. While browsing through a KDE program I found two other block types: signals and public slots. What do they mean? Is this a special thing of Qt? If so, how do they make it possible?
Display an animated GIF using the WebBrowser control
by Francesco Balena
The standard PictureBox control doesn't support the Animated GIF graphic format. However, you can display these images by using a WebBrowser control: WebBrowser1.Navigate "c:\Images\Animated.Gif" The only problem of this technique is that the WebBrowser control also ...
Building a Rotating Banner Ad with JavaScript
by Ajith Prasad
Banner ads are common on any commercial site these days. But most of them use mechanisms like Server Push, Serve-side objects, or even services of third parties to rotate the banner. Here is a ...
Date Conversion
by DevX Pro
Can you point me at or come up with a generic class that allows date manipulation and storage without running into OS-specific or February 29 or Y2K issues?
HTML Pop-Up Menus Rendering Issues
by Ajith Prasad
Pop-up menus in normal HTML pages are usually implemented using Layers (DIV tag). However, the leading browser applications in the market have this known problem with layers: if a pop-up menu is ...
Copy the contents of the screen or the active window
by Francesco Balena
The standard way to copy the contents of the screen or a window to a picture box requires you to use a lot of API functions, such as BitBlt. A simpler approach is possible, though: you just have to simulate the typing of the Print Screen key (or Alt+Print Screen if you want to copy the contents ...
41-60 of 86     Previous     Next
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