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How to Detect JFrame Resizing
by Sterling Jordan
To know when a user is resizing a JFrame, catch the resize action using this tip's code.
Firing Focused JButtons with the ENTER Key
by Milan Zivkovic
This code corrects a glitch in the Java 1.2 user interface.
Tracking Memory Leaks in Java
by Stephen Friend
Find out how you can track memory leaks in Java.
Use the Robot Class for Automatic Keyboard and Mouse Control
by Kameswari Sreedharan
The code uses the Robot class to give you automatic keyboard and mouse control.
Extend Swing's JTable to Support Rendering of Different Cell Types in a Column
by Lara D'Abreo
Debugging Variables Made Easy
by Mark Buckley
At one time or another, all ASP progrmmers have used RESPONSE.WRITE to write out a variable on the screen, ensuring that the variable is passing correctly or has the correct value. Then, when the ...
Generate a Script-name Independent HTML Form
by Hitesh Dave
This tip is useful for large, server-side scripts containing lots of functions/procedures that generate HTML forms. ...
Why You Shouldn
by Nitin Garg
There are fundamental incompatibilities between the ways AWT and Swing draw themselves. Swing classes are pure Java classes that look the same on all operating systems. AWT Java classes are not ...
Customizing JFileChooser
by M.V. Prem
The class JFileChooser inside javax.swing.* can be customized to display your own labels using the UIManager.put() method. It is a static method that takes an Object key (Original value) and an ...
Set Color of Tree Nodes
by Teaw
Using Swing, you can set the color of each node in Jtree. This is done by customizing your own TreeCellRenderer (overriding the DefaultTreeCellRenderer class), then calling the ...
by DevX Pro
How do I access the contents of a JPasswordField to see if it matches with the correct password?
Select All Checkboxes
by DevX Pro
I have several checkboxes and I want one checkbox to cause all of the checkboxes to be selected when it is selected. How can I do this?
Display Integers Without Commas in JTables
by David Glasser
If you have a JTable where the values displayed in a particular ...
Shifting Focus Away from a JTextArea with the Tab Key
by David Glasser
Under most circumstances, pressing the tab key within a JFC/Swing ...
Strange Behavior of the JPasswordField
by Ignacio Coloma
The JPasswordField included in Swing exhibits a strange ...
Customizing a JComboBox
by David Glasser
The JComboBox API provides a programmer with very little ...
Textfield Alignment
by DevX Pro
How do I right align numbers in a textfield?
Let Your Text Throw A Shadow
by Behrouz Fallahi
It is very easy to add a shadowy effect to drawn text in Java. All we have to do is to pick a darker color for the shadow and draw it near the center of the original text that we want to shadow. The ...
Add Mnemonics to Inaccessible Buttons Within a Component
by Roy Lachapelle
A standard in our shop is to provide keyboard ...
Add Background Image to JTable
by Behrouz Fallahi
You can easily add a background image to swing's JTable. The following code shows you how: ...
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