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Generating a Series of Unique Colors
by Trevor Harmon
Graphs, charts, and maps often use color to help the user tell data points apart. For instance, a line graph comparing processor benchmarks might show the Motorola processor in red, the Intel ...
Selecting an Item From a JComboBox...Again
by Roy Lachapelle
The default behavior of the JComboBox is sufficient enough in most cases. If you select an item from the pull down list, an action event is generated and sent to any listeners that have interest in ...
Quick and Dirty Tickmarks
by Trevor Harmon
The JSlider component can be customized so that its labels, track, and tickmarks (or any combination of the three) are hidden. Unfortunately, there's no way to turn off the slider itself. This would ...
Displaying a List of Checkboxes
by Trevor Harmon
All of the aggregate components in Swing--that is, components made up other components, such as JTable, JTree, or JComboBox--can be highly customized. For example, a JTable component normally ...
Put a JTabbedPane on a Tab of a JTabbedPane
by DevX Pro
I want to put a JTabbedPane on a tab of another JTabbedPane for using it as a chapter with different sections below it. How can I do this?
Use setTooltipText to Display Entire Title
by James W.
A nice feature of programs like Netscape's newsreader is the ability to display the entire title of an article even though only part of it fits in the list box width. You can accomplish the same ...
Beginning Swing-Based Applications
by James W.
When you begin all Swing-based applications, you must set the look and feel and add a WindowListener so that when a user clicks on the exit box, the program exits. Consider putting these items in as ...
Using JToggleButtons Inside the JToolBar
by James Cooper
JToggleButtons work well when you want buttons that stay down or up inside the JToolBar. You can also make them behave like Radio buttons (only one button down at a time) by adding them to a ...
JTable Headers
by DevX Pro
I would like to add an icon to the header of a column of a JTable indicating the direction the column is currently sorted.
Square Buttons in the JToolBar
by James Cooper
When placing JButtons in the JToolBar, use gif icons that are 25 x 25 pixels. Then create a ToolButton class that sets the insets to zero so that the buttons are square instead of ...
Anonymous vs. Regular Inner Classes
by Richard G.
Inner classes are useful for instantiating and registering listeners on event sources. When should you use an anonymous inner class and when should you use a regular inner class? If you need only one ...
Creating Radio Buttons Using Swing
by Richard G.
Radio buttons behave in the same mutually exclusive way in Swing and the AWT. However, the way that you create a set of radio buttons differs significantly between Swing and the AWT. To create a set ...
Creating Hidden Buttons with Swing
by Richard G.
Using Swing, you can easily create hidden buttons similar to the Back button used in Netscape Communicator 4. Hidden buttons look like normal graphic elements on the screen until you float over them ...
Swing, Pluggable Look & Feel
by Richard G.
With Swing, you can easily change the Look & Feel (L&F) at run time to match one of the L&F implementations in your system. This program contains strings identifying three different L&F ...
Using Swing to Add Tool Tips
by Richard G.
Using Swing, you can easily add tool tips to any of the components in your GUI. Tool tips aren't normally visible, but they become visible when you point at the component with the mouse. This code ...
Using Swing to Create a Rollover Effect
by Richard G.
Using Swing you can easily make the image on a button change when you touch the button with the mouse and change again when you press the button. To run this program, substitute the path and name of ...
Swing, Images on Buttons
by Richard G.
Swing makes it easy to place an image on just about any component. To see an image on a button, substitute the path and file name of an image on your hard drive in place of the gif file shown in the ...
Swing, Buttons in Buttons
by Richard G.
Tired of the same old buttons? My car radio has buttons in buttons, and you can do the same with Swing. Swing components are also containers which can contain other components.
Adding a Component to a JTable
by DevX Pro
How do I add a JButton to the cells of a JTable?
Wrapping Text in TextArea
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to wrap text that is written to the TextArea?
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