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Algorithms - Page 4

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ComboBox Autofill
by Nazmul Siddiqui
ComboBox controls, out of the box, don't help complete phrases as they are typed in. The sample code below accomplishes that task. cmb is the name of the ComboBox to which Autofill is added. ...
Another Way of Handling Null Database Fields
by Stuart Hallows
A compact way of handling null database fields is as ...
Adding Items in List Boxes as Tooltips
by Mitesh Budhabhatti
This piece of code lets you display an item in a list box as that list box's tooltip.
Making a Form Scrollable
by Andreas Hillqvist
This is one of the simplest, but most powerful, ways to make a form scrollable. This method automatically disables or enables scrollbars according to the size of the area in relation to the form.
Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo For Textboxes
by Reuben Cleetus
Many programmers use Visual Basic's Clipboard object to perform Cutting, Copying, Pasting and Undoing code. For example, to copy some text from a textbox, programmers sometimes use the following ...
Determine Absolute Row Index
by Nazmul Siddiqui
Often, properties and methods associated with grid controls don't provide an absolute (relative to the actual first row and not the first displayed row) row index of current or selected rows. ...
Determining an Absolute Row Index
by Nazmul Siddiqui
Often properties and methods associated with grid controls don't provide an absolute row index of current or selected rows (relative to the actual first row and not the first displayed row). The ...
The remove_if() algorithm
by Danny Kalev
The remove_if() algorithms (defined in the standard header <algorithm>) has the following ...
The remove() Algorithm
by Danny Kalev
The Standard Library defines the std::remove() algorithm, which moves desired elements to the front of a container and returns an iterator pointing to the end of the sequence of the desired ...
Estimate Your Web Document's Printed Size
by Chirs McCann
There are times when you'd like to know a little bit about how your Web page will print. For example, if you are dynamically generating reports, you can put a button on the page that calls window.
Use a VB Label as a Web Link
by Yiming Sun
I like the idea of clicking on a VB label that looks like a Web anchor and pops up the Web browser pointing the user to the page. Here is how I would implement ...
Sort The Contents of an Array
by Alex Whyte
< ...
Validate Text to Numeric
by Venkat Alladi
Measuring Small Increments of Time in VB
by Bogdan Olaru
In Visual Basic, it is not possible to measure time with more precision than one second. This code allows the user to measure time passed in increments less than one second (tenths, hundredths, ...
Designing Extended Multi-Select List Boxes
by Carolyn J.
While designing a database in Access 2000 recently, I decided the most intuitive way for my users to be able to look at the data they wanted was to let them use extended multi-select list boxes ...
Convert DateDiff Seconds Into a User Friendly Duration
by Alex Whyte
The duration of a timed task in seconds can be determined by the DateDiff function. To present the result in a user friendly format, pass the DateDiff result to this function.
Find the Word Count in a Given String
by Jatin Shah
An easy way to find the number of words in a given ...
Draw Lines in a List View
by Octavio Sanchez
This code adds the appearance of a grid control to a traditional listview, drawing lines between rows and columns: ...
Code Timer that allows an interval greater than the Timer Control
by Alex Whyte
Insert this code into a bas ...
Factorial Function
by Danny Kalev
One of the classic examples of using recursion is calculating a factorial of a number. Here's a typical implementation of this ...
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