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Data Access - Page 2

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Keep Your Projects Intact
by Ron Schwarz
VB has always gone out of its way to take care of mundane housekeeping tasks without bothering you with the details. But sometimes the best intentions can create unintended problems. When you ...
Bind Option Buttons to Data Controls
by Chris Schneider
The Option button is a convenient way to display multiple options from which only one can be selected. One problem is that the Option button cannot be bound to a data control. Here
The Use of the "this" Pointer in JavaScript
by Amit Vij
This tip explains how to pass an object to a JavaScript function and retrieve the values from the "this" object. See the following piece of ...
Use JavaScript to Add a Timed Automatic Refreshing Function to a Page
by Kumaravel
Using the JavaScript program, you can let the user view a Web page only for certain time. After that specific period, without the user interaction the page will dispel another a page.
How to Run a Java Application Without main()
by Elaya Raja
Create one class similar to the following, add codes within the static block, and run the application.
Store Multiple Values in a Tag
by Enrico Di
It would often be convenient to store multiple values in the Tag property. Here are two simple functions that help you do that. The first function stores the value in the control
Use 'open' Date in the Oracle SQL Where Clause
by Lev Romanov
The most common example where 'open' date is used is in the expiration_date for an entry. It could be set for a particular date, or be NULL if the expiration date isn't defined (open date). It is ...
Performance Considerations With C-string and std::string
by Danny Kalev
The std::string has a data member that holds its size. Calculating the size of a string object is therefore a fast constant time operation, which is independent of the number of characters currently ...
Truncating a File Stream
by Danny Kalev
Certain files need to be emptied every time an application opens them before it writes new data to them, for example, a per-session log file. One way to achieve this is by deleting the original ...
Declaring Destructors Virtual
by Sophy Pal
Writing basic classes needs no more definition from the programmer than just declaring a few member functions and variables. But, what if you needed to design a class that was derived from other ...
Close Connections When You Are Finished With Them
by Trong Ha
By proactively closing connections when they are no longer needed, you reduce demand on the database server and make resources available to other users. Connections are closed when they go out of ...
Setting the Expiration Date in ASP
by Pratibha Gupta
Records can be deleted depending upon an expiration date in ...
Converting Strings Into Integers and Vice Versa
by Quan Tran
1) To convert a string into an ...
Another Way To Compare Strings
by Quan Tran
When comparing a string, you can use ...
Determine the RecordCount of a Forward-Only Recordset
by Michael Goligorsky
Using the ADO Asynchrous Option
by Michael Goligorsky
Sometimes you have a stored procedure that takes 2 to 5 minutes to execute. Applications that lock up frequently frustrate users and waste their time and resources. The ADO asynchrous option can ...
List the Fieldnames of a Recordset in Runtime
by Andreas Hillqvist
To list the fieldnames of a recordset in runtime, break the code in the procedure after the recordset has been initialized and enter the following lines into the debug window. Then press enter ...
Right-Justification of Output
by Danny Kalev
To right justify the output of cout, call the width() function with the size of the output screen (in characters) as an argument. In the following example, the program calls width() to ...
Alternatives to ios::nocreate and ios::noreplace
by Danny Kalev
In pre-standard C++, certain implementations of <fstream.h> offered the flags ios::nocreate and ios::noreplace for controlling file creation. These flags were too platform-specific and ...
Filtering Input in scanf()
by Danny Kalev
You can force scanf() to read only specific characters from the input source while ignoring all the rest. Alternatively, you can force scanf() to read all input characters except the ones ...
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