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Making the Image OnClick Work in Both Browsers
by Mike Gasperino
Since the introduction of DHTML and client-side scripting, developing Internet applications can be a real challenge. If you don't have the luxury of a "pure" Internet Explorer environment, there's a ...
Use 'With..End With' in Your ASP Scripts
by Sandeep Gain
You can use the 'With ... End With' statements if you are using VBScript 5.0 or later. It helps to improve performance. ...
A VBScript Hit Counter
by Stephen Solberg
I created this Hit Counter to keep track of the use of our Company Intranet. On the SQL Server (in our case MSSQL 7), you will need to have a table named Hit_list_tbl with the columns row_id ...
VBScript Function That Escapes an Entire SQL String
by Kevin Swarts
The following is a VBScript function that will escape an entire SQL string, not just individual field values. This is so that ' becomes '' when it's supposed to. The code can be easily converted ...
Exchanging Data Between Java Applets and JavaScript
by Nitin Garg
Public methods and member variables of Java applets are visible to HTML documents. This makes the methods and variables can be accessed using JavaScript. The syntax for doing this is given ...
A Fast Empty String Compare
by Andreas Hillqvist
It's faster to retrieve the length of a string and compare the value to zero than it is to compare it to an empty string. This is especially useful in loops. But be careful of the simplified ...
Use Recursion to Simplify Object Deletion Using ADSI and VBScript
by John Lathrop
An object in a Netscape Directory Server can only be deleted if it is a terminal node. This restriction causes the writing of source code to delete an object and all of the object's children in ...
Estimate Your Web Document's Printed Size
by Chirs McCann
There are times when you'd like to know a little bit about how your Web page will print. For example, if you are dynamically generating reports, you can put a button on the page that calls window.
Optimize Your Pages For Users' Screen Resolution
by Chris McCann
You can never tell just what your users are going to do. Sometimes, their browser settings aren't quite optimal for your site, and you are forced to cater to the lowest common denominator. For ...
Send Emails From an Oracle Stored Procedure
by Jose Antonio
The following code is for those who need to receive e-mails from the ...
Response.Buffer and Response.Flush
by Jay Pipes
In order to redirect a web page after you have written to it, you ...
Convert an Input String Into a Proper String
by Jose Marcos
If you want to convert the input string into a proper string ...
JavaScript Not Working with IE 5.5
by DevX Pro
Why will this code not work with IE 5.5? localhost = java . net . InetAddress . getLocalHost (); hostaddress = localhost . getHostAddress (); hostname = localhost . getHostName (); document . writeln ("Your IP address is " + hostaddress + "."); document . writeln ("Your hostname is " + hostname + ".");
Loading a New Window from a Frame.
by DevX Pro
I have a frameset that consists of two frames. The top frame is a horizontal frame that displays a bulletin message in a banner if there is some sort of system problem, like the e-mail server going down. It is 10% of the page. The second one is 90% of the page, also horizontal and is the main page. I can select from a select box the different pages on our site I wish to view. My problem is that the banner frame is always visible. I has hoping to only have it visible on the main page. I did this with HTML and links using the command with a TARGET = "_top" and this worked just fine. I don't know enough about JAVA yet to know if this can be done with JAVA. I am using this script to load my pages for viewing: function surfto(form) { var myindex=form.select1.selectedIndex if (form.select1.options[myindex].value != "0") { location=form.select1.options[myindex].value ;} }
Passing Value to an Online Form
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to use JavaScript to create a custom page and pass all the values in the page to an online form such that I do not have to enter the value into the online page again? The online form is not owned by me. Is this automation possible?
Form Validation
by DevX Pro
I need to perform a validation on five fields in a form. The logic is: If field1 length >0 then disallow form submission if field2, field3, field4, and field5 are all empty. However, if any one of the fields (2-5) contain info, then submit the form. I have tried many variations of the following code, but it still forces me to enter something in all the fields (2-5). if ((document.addorupdate.field1.value.length >1) && ((document.addorupdate.field2.value == "")| | (document.addorupdate.field3.value == "")| | (document.addorupdate.field4.value == "")| | (document.addorupdate.field5.value == ""))){ alert("Sorry, you must update one of the empty fields."); return false; } else {return true ;}
Image Changeovers
by DevX Pro
I have seen plenty of text on script dealing with mouseovers, or 'animation' where an image can change every few seconds, but is there a way I can write a script where an image changes once every 24 hours based on the server time, not the time the user's browser is open?
Pop-up Window with Links to New Pages
by DevX Pro
I want to set up a series of links in a pop-up window which, when clicked, will (a) close the popup window and (b) redirect the main page to the URL of the link. How do I do this? I know how to set up the pop-up and the close, but not the redirect of the main page to the link.
Displaying Quotations from Text Files
by DevX Pro
How do I return only the first four lines (a quotation) of a txt-file to my asp-file?
Proper Casing of a Word
by DevX Pro
How do I pick out the first letter in a word and convert it to an uppercase?
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