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Active Server Pages

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Consuming .NET Web Services from Classic ASP with the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit
by Srinath MS
The Microsoft SOAP Toolkit makes it easy to use .NET web services from classic ASP.
Simplify Classic ASP Debugging in VS 2005
by Srinath MS
Like its predessor, VS 2005 does not allow you to debug classic ASP pages by default. Instead, you have to do it manually.
How To Debug Classic ASP Pages in VS 2005
by Srinath MS
VS 2005, like its predessor, does not allow debugging for classic ASP pages, by default. This forces you to attach the ASP worker process (w3wp.exe).
The #flastmod and #fsize Server-side Includes
by Srinath MS
The #flastmod and #fsize server-side includes provide important information on web pages hosted by classic ASP web sites.
A Quick Way to Display Text from a Database in ASP
by Ken Pendergast
This tip can help you save time when you want to display text from a database in ASP.
Using SELECT * on a Table with the Column Type NTEXT
by Steve Skelton
Find out how to ensure that your NTEXT contents display when you've used SELECT * on table with the column type.
How to Read a Binary Stream Using ASP?
by Elayaraja David
Use XML to Store Your App Settings in ASP
by Jatin Shah
Word-wrap ASP Output on Long Strings with No Blanks
by Steve Skelton
Add a slash to directory names
by Francesco Balena
If you have defined a default document for a given IIS virtual directory, any link pointing to the directory will actually point to the default document for that directory. However, you should keep in mind that loading a page in this way requires two round-trips from the client to the server. ...
Caution when reading arrays stored in Application and Session variable
by Francesco Balena
One of the most effective optimization techniques consists of caching data inside Application or Session variables. However, you should pay attention to how you reference to the elements in those arrays from an ASP page. In fact, the syntax of VBScript (and JavaScript as well) lets you ...
A Quick Way to Convert RecordSet to an HTML Table
by Prasad Haridass
Encode/Decode - Two routines for ASP encryption
by Mike Toye
These two VBScript routines can be use to encrypt data passed on the querystring, so that users can't decode what is being passed between ASP pages. USE: sField = Decode(request.querystring(encode("sParm")))
The Use of the "this" Pointer in JavaScript
by Amit Vij
This tip explains how to pass an object to a JavaScript function and retrieve the values from the "this" object. See the following piece of ...
Adding Left and Right Functionality in JavaScript
by B. Devington
JavaScript does not offer Left and Right functions. Use the following functions to extract the left or the right part of a string.
Use JavaScript to Add a Timed Automatic Refreshing Function to a Page
by Kumaravel
Using the JavaScript program, you can let the user view a Web page only for certain time. After that specific period, without the user interaction the page will dispel another a page.
Use ASP in your .js, .vb, and .css Files
by Chris Craft
Open Internet Services Manager from the Administrative Tools group.
Use ASP Include Files for Database Connectivity
by Sandeep Gain
To avoid repeating the following lines of code in every ASP page that needs a database ...
Prevent the browser from caching an ASP page
by Francesco Balena
Most ASP books and articles state that you need to set the Respose.Expires property to 0 or -1 to prevent the end user's browser from caching an ASP page. However, this is only partially correct, because in order to work correctly for all browsers brands and versions, you also need to add a ...
Use 'With..End With' in Your ASP Scripts
by Sandeep Gain
You can use the 'With ... End With' statements if you are using VBScript 5.0 or later. It helps to improve performance. ...
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