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Active Server Pages - Page 4

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New Line Character in ASP
by DevX Pro
How do I define a new line character in ASP?
Sending Data from an ASP Page to a Database
by DevX Pro
How do I send data from a form in an ASP page to a database table in SQL Server 7.0?
Focus Your Users Using ASP And JavaScript
by Teymour Askerov
Many sites don't do a very good job focusing their users attention on the form controls that they have to fill out. It's easy to jump from one form control to the next using the Tab key once the ...
Using HitCounters in Your Page
by DevX Pro
Where can I download the HitCount Component for ASP? Do I need to register it on the Web server also?
Server.Execute as an Alternative to Server Side Includes
by Jai Bardhan
Similar to a procedure call in many programming languages, Server.Execute in IIS 5.0 calls a different ASP file as if it were part of the same ASP file. And it can be utilized to include files in a ...
Cannot Register ActiveX DLL Remotely
by DevX Pro
I have downloaded an ActiveX DLL (A third Party ActiveX component) for uploading files to my server. The problem is I can not register the DLL in my Web site, which is hosted in a NT server. I used the command regsvr32 followed by the complete URL of the DLL where I have uploaded it, but it is giving me "Load Library Fail" error. How can I register it so that I can use it with CreatObject method?
Filtering a Recordset
by Manoj K.
If you have a recordset already created and want to filter it by some criteria, you can use the Filter property of the recordset to do it. Just change the recordset's Filter property to a WHERE ...
Stack Recordset Returns
by Manoj K.
If you're getting a bunch of data for an ASP page, you can retrieve all the data through a single stored procedure and through a single call. Here's what your stored procedure might look like: ...
Move ASP Code to Compiled Components
by Jai Bardhan
Moving your ASP code to compiled components is always a good idea. Compiled components enable fast execution, along with easy development, debugging, and testing.
Use LookupTable Object to Avoid Performance Problems
by Manoj K.
The LookupTable object is marked as ThreadingModel=Both and doesn
Creating a Drop-Down List File in ASP
by Mujtaba Joad
Using this tip, you can create a drop-down list, which is populated from a database, and include it in a Web (ASP) page. This will basically increase the performance via the conventional method.
Asynchronous Calls and Callbacks
by Manoj K.
There are two ways to invoke a remote object through Remote Scripting: synchronously and asynchronously. The asynchronous approach is particularly useful because it doesn't stop the user from ...
Displaying Time in Different Time Zones
by DevX Pro
I have seen an easy way to increase any given portion of NOW(), but it was months ago and I can't find it again. What I want to accomplish is to display the current time for California, New York and France ( as 9:27 AM or 4:15 PM [no 0's]). I could disassemble, increase, and reassemble, but the code seems a bit overkill. Is there a function to simply increase the hour by 3 and 9?
Convert Form Collection into a String
by Deepak Pant
You can convert the entire Request.Form collection into a single string variable just by referencing the collection without specifying the key or index.
Avoid OnEndPage in ASP components under IIS 5
by Francesco Balena
As explained elsewhere in this knowledge base, you are suggested not to rely on the OnStartPage method to get a reference to the main ASP objects, if your component is to be run under IIS 5. However, if you do run such a component under IIS 5, at least you should ensure that it doesn't expose ...
Ensure that server-side debugging is disabled in production sites
by Francesco Balena
Before going to production, you should ensure that the server-side script debugging is off for your ASP application. In fact, not only does server-side debugging slow down your application, it also forces all ASP request to be served by the same thread. In other words, you don't take advantage ...
Using out-process components under IIS4
by Francesco Balena
By default IIS 4 doesn't permit to use the Server.CreateObject command with an out-process ActiveX EXE component. To do so, you must manually create the AllowOutOfProcCmpts registry value under the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3SVC\ASP\Parameters, ...
ASP Integration to Legacy Database Using XML
by DevX Pro
I am trying to develop an MSSQL ASP application that ties real-time into customer's existing databases at remote locations. The customers use everything from IBM mainframes to SQL or Oracle, and the data needs to flow both ways. Is XML the best fit for this application? Are there any software packages available that could prevent me from having to custom write each script?
Obtaining @@Identity with VBScript and ADO
by DevX Pro
Using VBScript, how can I use the @@Identity SQL Statement to set the keyfield of a record just entered to a variable?
Randomly Retrieve Records From a Database
by DevX Pro
I would like to display a "Quote of the Day." In order to do this, I need to retrieve the numbers of records in a recordset and then randomly choose from one of the retrieved records. How would I write this code?
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