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Database Administration - Page 2

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Rebuild All Table Indexes in a SQL Server Database with One Command
by Srinath MS
An undocumented stored procedure lets you refresh all the table indexes in a SQL Server database with a single command.
Quick Script Monitors Application-generated SQL
by Jason Bramsden
This script was written to monitor a program whose process life was only a few seconds. It runs forever and only outputs that SQL which is generated by the program as it's running.
Graphical Tools for MSDE
by John Joseph
MSDE's small-footprint SQL Server compatible database has now been retooled as SQL Server— and it does not include graphical tools.
Turning Recursive and Nested Triggers On and Off
by Sachin Kainth
This tip gives you the commands to switch recursive and nested triggers on and off.
Getting New Values Entered into a Table
by Sachin Kainth
Find out how you can use :new.<fieldname> to retrieve new values entered into a table.
Resolve DB2 Instance Creation Failure on UNIX
by R. Vijaya
Finds out why AIX DB2 instance creation fails and jpw to resolve it.
Making Tables Read-only in Oracle
by MS Sridhar
In Oracle, you can only control read/write capability for an entire tablespace, not for a single table within a tablespace.
Identify the Owner of a User Table
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
If your database is maintained by more than one user and some of those users have rights to create tables, it can be difficult to identify the owner of a given table.
Hide System Tables and Objects in MS SQL Enterprise Manager
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Follow these three, simple steps to hide system tables and objects in MS SQL Enterprise Manager.
Granting Permissions on Database Objects
by Devington B.
Who Is Using the Oracle Database?
by Shiv Kumar
Informix Ontape Backups
by DevX Pro
I need to do an ontape Level 0 backup but I need to bypass the "Press Enter to Continue." Simply put, I want to type "Ontape -s -L 0" and not get prompted to "Press Enter to Continue." I am currently running Informix 7.23 on an AIX 4.2. Any ideas ?
Informix Backups Error Message
by DevX Pro
We have Informix IDS 7.30 running under SCO 5.0.5. Backups by ontape fail with an error: "I/O read chunk 90, pagenum 2, pagecnt 1 --> errno = 9" But when we are doing normal queries, it's all fine. Any ideas?
Ontape for Backups to Disk
by DevX Pro
How can 'Ontape' functions be used to back up Informix/Lawson DB to disk? Is dbspace required or can a large area in a directory (e.g., /gsc/bigspace) be used?
Problem with Using Ontape
by DevX Pro
I am running Informix 7.3 on SCO Openserver 5. I run Ontape every morning and it has been going fine. Starting yesterday I've been getting the following error: Archive on rootdbs, onlinedata ABORTED. Aborted by client My tape drive is OK as well as the tapes. I can do a normal CPIO to it and read from it. Any help would be appreciated.
PDQ and Xtree
by DevX Pro
How can I set the PDQPRIORITY for every user in the database? I am also trying to get Xtree to work on the same system so I can better analyze user queries but can't figure out how to do that either.
Generate Audit Table Trigger Code
by David Satz
This code will generate code to do a column-by-column comparison against a table, assuming that you are joining the inserted table (aliased as "i") with the deleted table (aliased as "d") in a ...
Processing of Large Batch Transactions in Oracle
by Jayanta Sengupta
At some point, you must have encountered a "Snapshot too old" error when running a huge batch transaction. Then you find that you may have to restart the process all over again when 80 percent of ...
Function Sequence Error
by DevX Pro
I have WinNT4.0, Service Pack 5.0 SQL Server7.0, ODBC Driver for SQL I have a servlet program that connects to a JDBC-ODBC bridge and accesses the database. If I execute any SELECT statements I get: java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function sequence error If I run the same servlet program in another setup (NT4.0 service Pack 4.0, SQLServer6.5, ODBC Driver, I don't get any error. Why is this?
Can Add Records But Not Update Them
by DevX Pro
I am developing an application package with VB 6.0 and SQL Server 7.0. My problem is that I can add new records to the ADO recordset but I am unable to update the record from the VB form. I have given the permission to select, insert, update, and delete the data at the SQL Server end. In ADODC the recordset type is dynamic. Presently, there are only 2,000 records in that table. What do you advise?
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