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Database Administration - Page 3

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Hiding SQL Server DE System Tables
by DevX Pro
The Enterprise Manager (or whatever it's called now) shows all the systems tables when you navigate down to the tables in a database. How do you hide the system tables?
Changing an Installed Code Page
by DevX Pro
How do I change the code page in SQL Server 7.0 once it has been installed?
Uncontrolled Shared Update
by DevX Pro
What situation produces incorrect results in an uncontrolled shared update?
Ensure the Stability of Your Database
by Joseph Lax
As a database administrator, it is your responsibility to be concerned about anything that might affect the stability of your systems. In that vein, it is not enough to back up your database ...
Watching Index Use
by DevX Pro
The goal is to watch queries for their use, nonuse, or abuse of indices (using SQL Server 6.5). One of the problems is to be sure that a given index is no longer in use. If an index is dropped, is there any way to watch for a table scan--either on this particular table or in general.
SQL Server Errors
by DevX Pro
When rebuiling indexes I receive an error. Error 1501:[SQL Server] Sort Failure What is happening, and what do I need to do to fix this problem?
Documenting my tables, triggers
by DevX Pro
We use SQL Server 6.5 (7 in a few weeks). I'm looking for a good tool to generate ERDs and overviews of my database tables. Which software can you recommend me for this purpose?
Starting NT Services for SQL Databases
by Ken North
The Windows NT installation process for SQL servers from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Sybase, and Informix installs NT services. Not all products include a graphical tool that enables you to start and ...
Log truncation
by DevX Pro
My database and log keep filling up and I can't truncate the log. Any suggestions?
Rename a Login
by DevX Pro
Is it possible to rename a login?
Automating DBCC checks
by DevX Pro
I need to run DBCC checks on my databases every week, but I was advised not to use the database wizards in MS SQL 6.5. Can DBCCs be setup to run automatically?
Utilize Version Control Mechanisms
by Joe Karbowski
If you are using SQL server, consider utilizing version control mechanisms for your triggers and stored procedures. Many times I have heard people wondering about changes to a procedure or trigger ...
Declaring type variables or composite data types
by DevX Pro
I need to be able to print results of a query to an Excel spreadsheet rather than to a report. I am using the Crystal Reports product included with Oracle Power Objects. However, it clearly states that the Crystal Reports OCX does not work with Windows 3.1, so I am using the Crystal Reports DLLs. One of the functions I need to use requires the use of a composite data type. In Visual Basic this would look like: Public Type variable-name SubVariable_Name1 as DataType SubVariable_Name2 as DataType ... End Type Unfortunately this declaration does not work for OPO. And I can find no similar method anywhere. How can I declare a composite user-defined data type in Oracle Power Objects for use in these DLL functions?
Can Crystal Reports output to MS Word?
by DevX Pro
The Crystal Reports help file contains "Pro-only Topics." Can I use these Pro features with the Crystal Reports engine I recieved with OPO? If so, where can I find an example of outputting a Word document? I am developing a work flow system for a gov. agency and would love to output and save to an Oracle database a Word Doc.
Enabling and disabling fields in a repeater
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to enable and disable fields inside a repeater display depending on the values of fields on the master form? I have tried it various ways (on the master form, on the repeater) but I have got the always present "Repeater controls can oly be used with agregation functions."
Check box in a repeater
by DevX Pro
I want to manipulate a check box in a repeater control, but the check box is not bound to any data column. How can I do this?
Flushing and Locking
by DevX Pro
How can I set the flushing of rows to the database or the locking strategy used by Power Objects?
Improving performance
by DevX Pro
The repeater in my application seems to be very slow in populating. Is there anything I can do to improve its performance?
Selecting multiple rows
by DevX Pro
I want to let the user select more than one row in a repeater so my application can act on all of them at one time?
Set focus
by DevX Pro
When a user selects a value from a list box, I populate the contents of a repeater. I also want to set the focus into the repeater's first field. How can I accomplish this?
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