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Database Apis

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Determine Whether a Field Exists in an ADODB.Recordset
by Shawn Dorman
Unless you populated a recordset yourself, you may not know whether it contains a particular field.
Does Your RDBMS Support Savepoints?
by Leonard Anghel
Before using savepoints in your application, you need to be sure that your RDBMS supports this facility.
Using the Logger to Trace JDBC Driver Managers and Drivers
by Mahendar Aleti
Using java.util.Logger as your logging/tracing tool allows you to take advantage of the Logging framework.
Batch Processing in Hibernate
by Leonard Anghel
Suppose you need to insert 200,000 records into a database in Hibernate. You'll need to adjust these settings.
A List of JDBC Drivers
by Elayaraja David
If you need to access a database with Java, you need a driver. This is a list of the drivers available, what database they can access, who makes it, and how to contact them.
Connecting to Oracle without Configuring the tnsnames.ora File
by Bill Cressman
Learn how to avoid configuring Oracle's pesky tnsnames file when connecting to a database.
Connect to SQL Server Using ADODB Retrieving Records
by Yatin Karekar
This tip will show you how to connect to SQL Server using ADODB Retrieving Records using Record Set and connecting it to Crystal Reports.
Use the Connection String and SQL Profiler to Identify Your Application
by Akash Aggarwal
The ApplicationName property can be very useful when there are multiple applications running on a server and you need to track which application is issuing bad SQL.
Create a Database Connection by Passing a DataSource Object
by Sujata De
Learn how to create a database connection by passing a DataSource object.
Connect to the DB for Multiple .cgi Web Services with PERL
by Cem Aykan
Eliminate the hassle of typing all your DBI information into your Perl .cgi scripts. This function retrieves the information from a .dat file on the server, and parses it for the DBI.
Closing JDBC Objects Explicitly Can Save You Headaches!
by Keith Naas
If you're closint database connections directly—without closing the ResultSet or Statement, you've been causing yourself unnecessary trouble.
Linking Your Access Databases with ADOX
by Leng Dieb
A Fabricated ADO Recordset
by Kamesh S
Use CopyFromRecordset With ODBC Recordsets
by Leonid Strakovskiy
Insert an Image into a Database Using JDBC
by Elayaraja David
How to Use SavePoint in JDBC
by Elayaraja David
CheckOLEDBProvider - Check whether an OLEDB provider is registered correctly
by Marco Bellinaso
Check if the specified OLEDB Provider is installed and registered correctly Example: check the Jet 4.0 OLEDB Provider MsgBox "The specified OLEDB provider " & _ IIf(CheckOLEDBProvider("Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"), "does", "does not") & " exist" NOTES: Requires CheckRegistryKey and ...
Saving an array to a SQL Server table with VB and ADO
by Francesco Balena
Persisting an array of data in a SQL Server DB is usually considered quite difficult. The common solution is to use a master detail table, but this leads to a waste of space and overall decreases performance. Here we'll see how to save an array with VB and ADO. Create the destination table ...
A dual use of a lookup query
by Vito Vessia
Usually in your application you use two different types of lookup query; the first one is for retrieving a page of records (or all records) to populate a pick list, the other one is to retrieve a single record, i.e. for decoding a code description while user is typing it in a textbox. So, if ...
CUDL - A class to create UDL files
by Gordon Gong
A class that creates UDL files for use as ADO Data Sources. Universal Data link files are handy for select data sources but there are lack of a way to create/edit this files. The little program i attached teaches how to read/write a UDL file. IMPORTANT: requires that you add a reference to ...
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