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Database Apis - Page 2

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Read and Write UDL files
by Gordon Gong
Universal Data link files are handy for select data sources but there isn't a way to create/edit this files. This little class shows how to read/write a UDL file. '----------------------- ' The cUDL Class '----------------------- 'please visit www.shoutsoft.com for Tools building ...
Close Connections When You Are Finished With Them
by Trong Ha
By proactively closing connections when they are no longer needed, you reduce demand on the database server and make resources available to other users. Connections are closed when they go out of ...
Increase Connection Throughput By Requesting Multiple Records At Once
by Trong Ha
By default, the CacheSize property of the Recordset object is set to 1 for all cursor types. By increasing the CacheSize, you can increase the number of records the provider will retrieve at one ...
Using Addbatch and Executebatch
by Tri Do
If you insert/update/delete multiple times to the database, you ...
BlobToFile - Copy a BLOB field's contents to a binary file
by Francesco Balena
Copy a BLOB field's contents to a binary file.
CloneFieldStructure - Create a new Recordset with same field structure
by Francesco Balena
Copy the field structure of a Recordset to a new Recordset. The original code has been improved to account for Numeric and Decimal fields, that also require the setting of Precision and Numeric Scale properties. Thanks to Robert Gelb for this suggestion.
Create UDL files the easy way
by Scott Hutchinson
The standard way to create a UDL file is to right-click in the directory where you want to create it and select the New-Microsoft Data Link menu command. Unfortunately, on many computers, this manual procedure won't work, because the file type "Microsoft Data Link" does not appear on the "New" ...
FileToBlob - Copy a file's contents into a BLOB field
by Francesco Balena
Copy a file's contents into a BLOB field.
Fast Execution of SQL Statements
by Nitin Kumar
Let's start with a code ...
Use adExecuteNoRecords in the ADO Command Object to Boost Performance
by Andrew Holliday
If you need to execute a stored procedure from a Command object, and the stored procedure will not return any rows, you can boost performance of the Command object by setting the ...
ODBC Installation
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to install the of Informix for WinNT and during the process I get error number 126?
MTS Objects Containing ADO
by DevX Pro
I have an MTS object that contains an ADO connection object which I use in an ASP page. I look at the MTS console and confirm that the package gets activated, and I use ODBC performance-monitoring counters to verifty a connection gets pooled. But when I manually shutdown the component or let it idle timeout, I notice the connection gets closed also. Shouldn't the ADO connection object stay around after the MTS component gets destroyed, since the ODBC idle connection time is higher than the component idle time?
JDBC Transactions
by DevX Pro
Does "Connection.setAutoCommit(false)" mean "begin a transaction?"
ResultSet Interface
by DevX Pro
If ResultSet is an interface, then why can we call methods like next(), isLast() etc. without defining the method body anywhere in the program? As I understand it, in an interface, methods are only declared but not defined.
Informix Registration Within SQL Server 7
by DevX Pro
How can I view Informix database tables via the SQL Server 7 Enterprise Manager?
Determine the RecordCount of a forward-only Recordset
by Francesco Balena
When working with a forward-only, read-only Recordset - that is, the default ADO Recordset - the RecordCount property always returns -1. (This can also happen with other types of server-side cursors, depending on the specific OLEDB provider.) In general, you can determine how many records were ...
Open a password-protected MDB database with ADO
by Francesco Balena
The syntax for opening a password-protected Jet database might not be obvious. In fact, assigning the password to the Password property in the ConnectionString raises the following error: Run-time Error: 2147217843 (80040e4d) Cannot start your application. The workgroup information ...
Read and write File ODBC data sources
by Francesco Balena
A file DSN is nothing but a text file that contains all the parameters for an ODBC connection. To prove this, just go to the default directory that holds all File DSNs (this is the \Program Files\Common Files\ODBC\Data Sources directory on Windows's boot drive) and load any .dsn file into a ...
Use aliased field names to avoid ambiguities in JOIN commands
by Francesco Martire
Suppose you have two tables named Table1 and Table2 with one or more fields named the same way. Now, consider this query: rs.Open "SELECT * FROM table1 INNER JOIN table2 ON table1.id = table2.id" In our example, both table1 and table2 share the same field name "field1", but ...
Save Data in a SQL Server Image Column with VB6
by Gian Maria
I needed to retrieve image fields on SQL Server 7.0 with VB6, and I couldn't find any article about it. So, I assume others have had the same problem. I've since found a method for doing it.
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