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Database Apis - Page 3

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Build an XML Document for a Recordset on the Fly
by Venkat Alladi
(Note: This tip assumes that you have an ...
Error in Visual Studio Data View with CLI 2.40
by DevX Pro
I have installed the Informix-CLI SDK 2.40 (driver ODBC rev. 3.31) both in Windows 98se and NT 4 sp4, and I've encountered a problem with Visual Studio Data View when try to see tables from an Informix DB running on an AIX 4.3 host. I have problems with numeric data; the view is incorrect (0 when it must be 1). An older version of CLI SDK works correctly.
ODBC drivers for Informix IDS 9.2
by DevX Pro
We are trying to get our application to work with Informix using ODBC, and we are having repeated failures. We cannot seem to access "memo" (large text) fields of any type using the supplied ODBC driver, version 3.31. We are on an NT system, and we have tried both MFC and raw ODBC with CLOBs, CHARs, LVARCHARs, and TEXT field types, but still it fails. Incidentally, we have no problems with SQL Server or Oracle. 1. Are there any other ODBC drivers we could try, and if so, does anybody know where we might find them? 2. Has anyone else had similar problems with memo fields and ODBC and found any solutions?
Using Ports with Informix
by DevX Pro
From a Windows system I am trying to connect to an Informix database running on a Sun Solarix box, which was just moved behind a firewall. The Windows machine is running Access and using ODBC. It appears that the client chooses a random port to connect to the server based on the firewall blocks. Can the database be configured to use set ports rather than what appears to be random?
Threads and JDBC Connections
by DevX Pro
Is the JDBC Connection class thread safe? In other words, can a connection be shared between multiple threads without using synchronization?
RecordCount Property-ADO
by DevX Pro
How do I get the rowseffected from the execute method of an ADO command object? The code I've written is: Dim Cn as New ADODB.Connection Dim Cmd as New ADODB.Command Dim Recordset as New ADODB.Recordset Dim lintRecEffected As Integer Cn.Open "some connection string" Cmd.ActiveConnection =Cn Cmd.CommandType=adCmdStoredProc Cmd.CommandText = "SelecRecords: Set Rs=lcmd.ExecutelintRecEffected) msgbox lintreceffected This shows -1 even though the record is inserted. By the way, my backend is db2.
Win 95/NT Login To Informix
by DevX Pro
I cannot get 6 of 60 units to log in to an Informix application server. The units are all identical and they can ping the server. I get the message "Access Denied 999." Can you help with this?
Dealing with Multi-Recordsets Returned by Compound SQL Statements
by Ning Hao
Everyone can deal with one recordset easily. However, if a SQL statement is like this: "SELECT a, b FROM Table1 COMPUTER SUM(a), SUM(b)," looping though the recordset will not return the aggregate ...
The hidden Collect method of the Recordset object
by Francesco Balena
The ADO Recorset object exposes a hidden, undocumented member: the Collect property. This property is functionally similar to the Field's Value property, but it's faster because it doesn't need a reference (explicit or implicit) to the Field object. You can use this property by passing a ...
Connecting Remote Client to Informix Server
by DevX Pro
I have an Informix 7.32 server on a Sun box and I need to connect to it from another Sun box. How do I ensure it's connected?
Informix and ASP Error
by DevX Pro
When I try to connect to an Informix database (via ASP) located on another machine on our LAN, I get the following error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed How do I avoid this?
by DevX Pro
Why when I try to run sqlexecd to set up ODBC do I get an error: -25553 unable to load locale categories.
Close ResultSet Object Explicitly Before Closing Connection when Using Servlets
by C.V. Ram
Most Java programmers close a connection with database directly without closing the ResultSet. This is okay with standalone Java programs, where the Java compiler automatically closes the Resultset ...
Use ADO "Prompt" Property to Allow the User to Initialize the Provider
by Jai Bardhan
Prompt is a dynamic property that OLE DB providers can use to allow the user to input customized initialization information, typically through a dialog box. The OLE DB provider may append this ...
Counting the Number of Records in
a Recordset
by Jai Bardhan
Editor's Note: This tip is an update to a previous Tip of the Day. Jai Bardhan claims to have a "better ...
Database Connectivity From Informix on Unix
by DevX Pro
Is there an ODBC driver that can connect our existing Informix database on Unix to SQL Server 7.0 on NT 4.0?
Export to a text file with quoted fields
by Francesco Balena
As explained in another item in this Tip Bank, you can use the Recordset's GetString method to export a Recordset to a comma-delimited or tab-delimited text file. However, if you are exporting string fields that might include commas or tabs, you should include the fields' value within quotes. ...
Export to a text file with the GetString method
by Francesco Balena
The GetString method of the Recordset object returns a formatted string that contains all the values in each field and each row in the recordset, with your choice of column and row delimited. You can therefore use it to quickly and easily export the recordset to a comma-delimited text file, for ...
Faster client-side ADO 2.1 Recordset with the OPTMIZE dynamic property
by Francesco Balena
ADO 2.1 added a new, important dynamic property to the Field object, the OPTIMIZE property. If you have a client-side Recordset and you set this property to True, ADO will create an Index for the specified field, and will then automaticaly use that index for any Find, Sort, and Filter ...
Adding a New Record to ADO
by DevX Pro
I know there are two ways to insert a new record. One way is to execute a Insert statement, the other way is use the recordset.AddNew method. In terms of performance, which one is better? When dealing with the memo field, which may contain single quotes or double quotes, is AddNew method the only way to go?
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