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Searching with Multiple Fields
by DevX Pro
I am developing a s/w with an Access database, using ADO. Now, I want to search a table with multiple columns. As in find method (ADO), it allows only one column to search. How do I search a record with a multiple column search?
Create explicit Field objects when looping on large Recordsets
by Francesco Balena
Whenever you access a database field through the Recordset object you incur in a slight overhead. Take for example the following code snippet: Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset rs.Open "SELECT au_lname, au_fname FROM authors", "DSN=pubs", , , adCmdText Do Until rs.EOF List1.
Programmatically start and stop SQL Server main service
by Francesco Balena
Using the SQL-DMO object model you can programmatically start, stop, pause, and continue the main SQL Server service. In the following code snippet the server is "MyServer", and "sa" / "mypwd" is the user name and password of a user that is allowed to start/stop the service: ' ...
ADO Events
by DevX Pro
How do I use the ADO events FetchProgress or FetchComplete?
Visual Basic Data Access, ADO, OLE/DB
by DevX Pro
What are the differences between Provider=MSDASQL.1 and Provider=SQLOLEDB.1 in an "Open" "Select" statement? Also, what is the difference (if any) between "ADO" AND "OLE/DB"? And finally, in Visual Basic, what is the difference between the dim statements Dim trs as ADODB.Recordset, cnn as ADODB.Connection and Dim trs as Recordset, cnn AS Connection?
GetODBCDriverInfo - Get information about a specific ODBC driver
by Francesco Balena
Return information about an ODBC driver The 1st argument must be an ODBC driver name, as returned by the GetODBCDrivers function Not all drivers return the Timeout value Requires the GetRegistryValue function
GetODBCDrivers - Read the list of ODBC drivers from the registry
by Francesco Balena
get the list of ODBC drivers through the registry returns a collection of strings, each one holding the name of a driver, e.g. "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)" requires the EnumRegistryValues function
Database Field Types
by DevX Pro
How do I get a string representation of a database field using JDBC regardless of its type? In other words, I have to use the getInt(), getDate(), getString(), etc., to get a field value depending on the field type in the database. I just want the string representations so I can print them in HTML output to a Web browser.
Informix Stored Procedures to VB
by DevX Pro
I am returning a resultset from an Informix Stored Procedure to VB6 via ODBC and ADO. Is there any way of returning the field names? At this point I get the resultset, but the name property of the fields are blank.
Porting from Oracle to Informix
by DevX Pro
We have an existing application, which has been developed using ASP. The database being used is Oracle 8. Now, for a different customer, we want to port this application to Informix. Can we port this application from Oracle to Informix?
Visual InterDev Hangs
by DevX Pro
When connecting to an Informix database using Visual InterDev and SCO Retriever 32 ODBC, I can see tables and column names but when I try to look at data, Visual InterDev hangs. (I'm using Windows NT 4 Service Pack 4, IIS 4). Any approaches to this?
Web Databases and Connectivity
by DevX Pro
Define a Web database, please. What are the advantages and disadvantages? How do I connect different software to the Web?
Informix ODBC Visual InterDev Hangs
by DevX Pro
If I try to open an Informix table in Microsoft Visual InterDev, which uses SCO Vision Ultralite ODBC driver on an NT4/SP4 IIS4 Web server, Visual InterDev hangs. Using a Microsoft Access front end with the same driver works okay.
ADO Connection String
by DevX Pro
What is the syntax for accessing a FoxPro 2.5 table using an ADO connectionstring? I want to be able use a DSN-less connection and access different tables depending on the user request.
Take Advantage of ADO Optimizations
by Jai Bardhan
A common user scenario in a development environment is where the code typically opens a connection, executes a row or non-row returning command, processes results, and closes the connection. For such ...
Improve Scaling of ADO Apps By Marking ADO As an Apartment Model in the Registry
by Jai Bardhan
ADO 2.0 includes few optimizations when it is marked as an Apartment model in the Registry. It determines the threading model from the Registry at DLL load time. The scaling characteristic of ADO ...
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 DTS and Informix
by DevX Pro
I'm curious if you or anyone else has successfully created a data warehouse in SQL Server 7.0, using DTS to import/extract info from Informix, running Elite time/billing application?
Using Variables in SQL
by DevX Pro
I have connected a form to the DB using an ADODC. I connect fine, I can read the DB if I put a literal in my sql: recordsource = select * from table1 where employeenum = 108 But, I want to use the value that is stored in the employee text box. recordsource = select * from table1 where employeenum = form2.candidatenum.text I get the message, "No value given for one of more required parameters".
Loading the JDBC driver
by Manoj K.
< ...
Date Arithmetic in Java
by DevX Pro
I have a ResultSet created using JDBC and it contains some date fields. Now I want to subtract one date from the other. How do I do this?
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