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ODBC - Page 3

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ODBC Error Display
by Karl Costenbader
I have seen many posters in the VB newsgroups that say they have received an ODBC error message such as 3146, but can't figure out why they got the message. I suspect that the vast majority of these ...
Overcome ODBC ErrorTip Correction-Same ol' Story
by Dave Barraclough
< ...
Successfully Close ODBC Connections
by Douglas Haynes
The Microsoft Access engine will maintain a persistent connection ...
Correctly Convert SQL Server Floats By Jet
by Douglas Haynes
When using the SQL Server ODBC driver and SQL Server, and If ODBC ...
Concatenation Functions
by DevX Pro
I am using the 'Execute' to run an SQL statement.The sql is Microsoft SQL. The SQL is to 'INSERT into table ...SELECT ...FROM TABLES...'. The select portion of the SQL has multiple columns concantinated together using the '&' symbol so that I can insert into a table with only ONE large text column. My problem is that the concantination is causing the trailing blanks (spaces) to be eliminated, Thus smashing the column values right together. Example: SQL="INSERT INTO TABLE1 (RESULT_DATA) SELECT CITY & STATE & ZIP FROM MY_RELATIVES WHERE COUNTRY = 'USA'" The results are: LACRESCENTMN54601 Desired Results: LACRESCENT MN 54601 What are the correct functions to force data to be a certain length?
Creating Dynamic SQL
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to develop a dynamic query handler within VB that will prompt users for parameters as set up in the parameter list in MS Access (v1.1). I wish to dynamically build the param list with .listparameters (at run time) and then use this list to assign values to these same parameters. My problem is that VB/Access will not allow assignment of values to parameters without explicitly referring to actual parameter names in code (ie. a using a string/variable as returned by .listparameters to refer to such parameters is apparently not possible).
Executing SQL Statements
by DevX Pro
How do I perform INSERTS, UPDATES and DELETES on existing tables? I have looked up the help and in books but nothing seems to tell me exactly how to do it.
Generating SQL for List of Options
by DevX Pro
This is the first time I visited your site, and its the best VB site I've been too! My question is, I'm writing a sql statement using Variables and vb controls. In the WHERE clause my code reads: where [Econometrics Database].States = '" & list1.text & "'" This would except the users selection. The problem is The user can only select one state. How can I pass the whole list box, so in a way the sql statement would read where [Econometrics Databse].States = Illinois, New York, Washington, etc.
Including Single Quotes in Queries
by DevX Pro
How do you include a single quotation mark in a query? Example: "Select * From BATCH Where BATCH.NAME = 'O'Connel'"
Multiple Simultaneous Table Inserts
by DevX Pro
I am programming a multiple table database and can't figure out to link each table together so that when a person is posting data to one table that the other tables are tied to the same persons record. Even have my wife and the dog working on this one! Were stumped.
ODBC Slowdown
by DevX Pro
I am trying to create a "proof of concept" Visual Basic Project. In it, I am using a VB front end to access and maintain data in an ORACLE 7 database running on a Unix server. I am running VB on a 486/66 platform under WinNT 3.51. I have loaded SQL*Net on my PC, and the Oracle 7 ODBC driver. I have configured the ODBC link to my ORACLE database and can successfully connect. I have never attempted to access data via an ODBC link before...Is is always SLOW ?
Oracle via ODBC
by DevX Pro
I am using Visual Basic as my front-end tool to read an oracle 7 database residing on an oracle network. I have completed the connection stage. I am using ODBC connection with Data Control to access the database. Whenever I Load a new screen which reads a new table, the ODBC dialog box appears asking the user to login. Is there a way to save the connect string in order to allow the user to only login 1 time ?
Quote Syntax Error
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to delete a set of records in a table attached to a data control by using an SQL statement like the following: MergeRec.Data1.Database.Execute "DELETE Patient Visit WHERE id = '" & PatientName & "'" It's generating a syntax error. Do you see something wrong with it?
Searching Date Fields
by DevX Pro
In procedure, I used statement like this: ds.FindFirst "fulldate = '95-10-31'" 'ds is DynaSet variable but always it fails, and ds.NoMatch Value is True(-1). What's wrong with this? Please help me.
Searching for Apostrophes
by DevX Pro
When using VB4 and the Jet Engine with Access 2.0, I do I execute an SQL query that searches for a string that contains the apostrophe ?
Searching Numerical Fields
by DevX Pro
What it's the correct SQl Statement to search an access database by a numeric field? I keep getting an invalid type error when I try to run the application.
Searching on Numerical Fields
by DevX Pro
When using the FindFirst method I seem to be able to locate only records which are defined as strings using a variable in the search pattern. When I am searching for integer values I cannot find the correct syntax to pass the variable name at best I get a response of Type mismmatch when I pass it as a string. If I replace the variable with a constant (eg 1 or 2) then no problems -- the record is found. All referances I have seen only refer to searching for strings
Type Mismatch Error
by DevX Pro
I have an SQL statement in my program that looks like this: data3.recordsource = "SELECT id, date from reservations where (date = '" & maskededit1.text & "') and (id = " & data1.recordset.fields("movie_id").value & ")" "date" is declared as Date/Time, "id" and "movie_id" are integers. The program crashes on this statement (which is on the line after the SELECT statement): data3.refresh It gives me a "Type Mismatch" error. I have spent two days trying to solve this problem.
Using Field Names With Spaces
by DevX Pro
I have an established Access v2.0 database with fields in tables named "Circuit ID", for example. How can I use VB v3.0 to query this database without changing all references to that field to "Circuit_ID"?
Using JOIN Clauses
by DevX Pro
I'm working with Visual Basic and Access 1.1. Currently my program uses two tables (tblrep and tblsales). The common field being tblrep.id = tblsales.id. The first form of the program displays records from tblrep (a dynaset was used to obtain records from tblrep). A user may click on a command buttom SALES to obtain sales data for a particular rep. As soon as the SALES button is clicked, the user is prompted to enter a Year and a Month. The values for the Year and the Month entered are to be used in order to select the required records from the tblsales table. A standard SQL statement to obtain the necessary data (not using joints) would look as follows in the sales form: SELECT * FROM TBLSALES WHERE salesID = CustForm!txtCustID AND salesYear = CustForm!txtYear AND salesMon = CustForm!txtMon Basically I would like to get the sales of a given Representative for a given Year/Month, and only display the information for that Rep. How can I accomplish this in VB using SQL, there does not seem to be a way to restrict the search unless I use joins, in which case I would get data for all the Reps and not just the one I want.
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