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Programmatically start and stop SQL Server main service
by Francesco Balena
Using the SQL-DMO object model you can programmatically start, stop, pause, and continue the main SQL Server service. In the following code snippet the server is "MyServer", and "sa" / "mypwd" is the user name and password of a user that is allowed to start/stop the service: ' ...
Start SQLServer Dynamically with
VB and SQL-DMO Objects
by KulBhushan Sharma
Create a new standard exe project and add reference of sqldmo.rll. This file can be found in \Binn\Resources\1033\sqldmo.rll under SqlServer70 directory.
Using SQLMAINT.EXE Command-Prompt Utility
by Jai Bardhan
You can use SQLMAINT.EXE command-prompt utility to perform routine database maintenance activities. It can be used to run DBCC checks, to dump a database and its transaction log, to update ...
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