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Database Performance
by DevX Pro
Our Sun E450 system seems slow, especially when 20 users log in together to our Baan ERP system. The physical RAM is 640MB and the disk space has about 57 percent capacity left. Why is the system slow, and what should I do the make it better?
Insert and Amend Datestamps
by DevX Pro
I have a table in Informix that is changed regularly. The records have no datestamp, so how do I get the date/time of amends and inserts to this table without altering the table structure or using triggers (I can't do any alterations to the database)?
SQLCODE Error -0000019514
by DevX Pro
When I do a DECLARE CURSOR FOR SELECT, it returns a SQLCODE = 0. When I do an OPEN CURSOR, it also returns a SQLCODE = 0. But I have trouble with the FETCH cursor-name INTO data-items and get a "SQLCODE = -0000019514 with a SQLERRMG = CURSOR IS NOT PREPARED." Any suggestions?
Error 208
by DevX Pro
Error 208 appears regularly on my IBM RS6000 running Informix 7.3. The onconfig setting for shared mem is 0 ( no limit). What do I do about this?
Informix Error Logging
by DevX Pro
Does Informix keep a log of runtime errors? If it does, where can I find it?
ASP Pages Loading Slowly
by DevX Pro
I just created some ASP pages that pull data from a Microsoft Access database. The new ASP pages load a lot slower than their old static HTML counterparts. What can I do to make them load faster?
Performance Enhancements Using Temporary Tables
by Jayanta Sengupta
A temporary table has a definition or structure like that of a regular table, but the data it contains exists for only the duration of a transaction or session. Oracle8i allows you to create ...
Faster Data Access Using Index-Organized Tables
by Jayanta Sengupta
If you have a table whose columns always are queried together, maybe you should store them as an index-organized table (IOT). An IOT is indexed on one or more columns and all the table data is ...
Indexing Foreign Key Columns in Child Tables
by Jayanta Sengupta
Although an index is not mandatory on your foreign keys, if they are not indexed you will cause additional locking when certain Data Manipulation Language statements are executed against the parent ...
Pre-Compiled Database Triggers
by Jayanta
Many programmers create stored procedures out of large bodies of database trigger codes. This has primarily been because while stored procedures are stored in compiled form, database triggers are ...
ESQL/C (9.2) UC3 Errors
by DevX Pro
I have installed the version 9.2 of ESQLC, and when I try to run the program in the following manner: esql -e crdb.ec cc -c -I/home/informix/incl/esql crdb.c cc -ocrdb7.exe crdb.o home/informix/lib/esql/libgen.a /home/informix/lib/esql/libos.a /home/informix /lib/esql/libsql.a We get the following error: NCR High Performance C Compiler R3.0c (c) Copyright 1994-97, NCR Corporation (c) Copyright 1987-97, MetaWare Incorporated Undefined first referenced symbol in file ifx_coll_update_pos /home/informix/lib/esql/libsql.a(iqcollct.o) _chk_qual /home/informix/lib/esql/libsql.a(iqsend.o) ifx_coll_next /home/informix/lib/esql/libsql.a(iqcollct.o) We get this error whenever we use any stmt like the following: EXEC SQL CONNECT TO :dbase; The same program worked perfectly fine with my previous version of ESQL/C. Please suggest how to fix. Has this got something to do with including a different library?
Benefits of Using PLS_INTEGER Datatype in PL/SQL
by Jayanta Sengupta
If you have a whole-number counter, for example in a loop or record counter, consider using a datatype of PLS_INTEGER instead of INTEGER or NUMBER. When declaring an integer variable, PLS_INTEGER is ...
Deadlock Timeouts
by DevX Pro
I have two questions: 1. How can I determine what the server's lock mode currently is (e.g. WAIT, NO WAIT, etc.), without actually setting it at the same time? 2. How do I change these or any other settings on the server and/or clients so that "deadlock timeout" errors stop occurring?
uniqueidentifier vs. int
by DevX Pro
If I have the option of using the uniqueidentifier or int data type for a primary key, will choosing the uniqueidentifier mean a significant performance degradation?
Bad Primary Chunk
by DevX Pro
I am having problem on restarting Informix after one of the chunks has been marked as DOWN. How do I change the status back to ONLINE?
Populating Databases
by DevX Pro
I am trying to populate the stores (demo) database with a SQL script through dbaccess. The script keeps on returning syntax errors. The script is as follows: DECLARE status INTEGER; LET status = 1; WHILE status = 100000 THEN BREAK else CONTINUE; END WHILE; The product is installed and the demo database has been created successfully and can be manipulated. I have tried dbimport but have no data available to import! Could you please inform me why this will not run? (I am using Informix OnLine Dynamic Server 7.31 on Sun Solaris 5.6.)
Problem with Client SDK Driver Version 2.4
by DevX Pro
After I install this driver, I see the error message when starting Lotus Notes Application: "The application uses CTL3D32.DLL, which is not the correct version. This version of CTL3D32.DLL is designed only for Windows NT systems." I also cannot replicate the database for the Lotus Notes (LEI).
Error Code When Executing Program
by DevX Pro
I am receiving an error code of 0400 when a program is executing. I have been told that this is an SQL error code; however, none of the books I have access to shows this code. Please let me know if you know what this is referring to.
Informix Gives -155 Error
by DevX Pro
I have been running Informix 7.22.TC1 successfully on Windows NT servers with the WebLogic 1.1 JDBC driver. On Web server restart, my application suddenly shows an error in connection pool creation. Investigating the online server shows the databases gone, and when I use the SQLEditor window, the databases appear but give the -155 error. This happened on one server yesterday, and to another one today.How can I resurrect the databases from this error? What's the cause? Am I being hacked?
Informix ODBC Visual InterDev Hangs
by DevX Pro
If I try to open an Informix table in Microsoft Visual InterDev, which uses SCO Vision Ultralite ODBC driver on an NT4/SP4 IIS4 Web server, Visual InterDev hangs. Using a Microsoft Access front end with the same driver works okay.
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