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Database Tuning - Page 4

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Eliminate Unnecessary Calls By Using SQL Trace to Examine Client/Server Traffic
by Jai Bardhan
SQL Trace can monitor, filter, and record all of the calls sent from the client applications to the server. It often reveals unexpected application overhead due to unnecessary calls to the server. ...
Query Performance Comparison
by DevX Pro
What is faster: two LIKE statements or one BETWEEN? ((MyData LIKE '02105_') OR ((MyData LIKE '02106_) MyData BETWEEN '021050' AND '021069' Please advise.
Onmonitor Program and Shared Memory
by DevX Pro
When I start the Onmonitor program and run Status, I receive the message, "Unable to attach to shared memory." But I have Informix 7.23 for AIX! What's going on?
Informix ODBC Drivers 3.31
by DevX Pro
I am currently running Informix Dynamic Server 2000 version 9.20 TC1 on an NT server, Service Pack 6a. I have existing Visual Basic 5 applications that are using ADO 2.1 to connect to the Informix Database using the new Informix 3.31 ODBC drivers. When the VB applications try to update a table, I get the following error message: Error 3251. The operation requested by the application is not supported by the provider. ADODB.Recordset in updaterow. The updates work just fine if I use the Informix 3.11 ODBC driver. The suggestions that Informix tech support provided me were no help on this issue. Do you have any suggestions?
See Who Is Blocking Your SQL Server
by David Satz
If you have ever monitored any blocking problems in SQL Server, you know that sp_who only shows you the spid (SQL Server's internal Process ID) that is causing the blocking for each spid that is ...
No Response from Server: Part II
by DevX Pro
This happened when I issued the NETSTAT command: TCP informix:turbo as2000:1260 CLOSE_WAIT TCP informix:turbo as2000:1261 CLOSE_WAIT TCP informix:turbo as2000:1262 CLOSE_WAIT TCP informix:turbo as2000:1263 CLOSE_WAIT Is this why we can't get more connections? (I have NT4 Server, Informix 7.31 TC2, fewer than 100 users.)
No Response from Server: Part I
by DevX Pro
Our Informix 7.31 TC2 server has had some troubles recently. It worked properly for about four or five hours but then it rejected any request! Users who are already on the server can still work properly, too! Why? This never happened before. I can't find any error messages from onstat -m or the NT message log. It just rejects any request, including any Informix commands like onmode, ontape, dbaccess, etc. We need your help! P.S. From the onstat -m information, it stopped recording any message until I rebooted the server.
Finding Sqexplain.out
by DevX Pro
I can't find the sqexplain.out file. Where is it?
by DevX Pro
Which implementation works faster, ADO or ODBC? Is there any relevant information (or benchmarks) comparing the difference between linking directly to the ODBC or accessing databases through the ADO components?
Very Slow Queries
by DevX Pro
I'm working on a database built for reporting purposes. Tables are updated once a month. Reporting queries are taking many hours to complete, some up to 26 hours. The database has about 30 tables. Two of these tables have a little over 3 million rows; the major table has about 15 indexes on it. I checked all indexes using the DBCC SHOWCONTIG and everything appears to be in good shape. What should I be looking at to resolve this problem?
Running too Many Traces can Reduce Effectiveness of SQL Server Profiler
by Jai Bardhan
If a computer running SQL Server is running too slowly, then the SQL Server Profiler may have too many traces or it may have a complex trace running. To improve the performance, try to stop any ...
Boost SQL Server Priority to Increase Server Performance
by Jai Bardhan
You can enable the "Boost SQL Server Priority" option, to allow SQL Server threads to run in the real time priority class. When running at this priority level, SQL Server threads will be executed ...
Adjust Network Packet Size in SQL Server to Optimize Data Access
by Jai Bardhan
You can optimize data access to remote servers by adjusting the size of the network packet. Configuring the packet size provides a choice between responsiveness and overall throughput. Larger packets ...
Construct Proper SQL Queries to Improve Performance
by Jai Bardhan
Use of inequality operators in SQL queries force databases to use table scans to evaluate the inequalities. These queries generate high I/O if they run regularly against large tables. You should ...
Switch off the Automatic Distribution Statistics Management
by Jai Bardhan
The SQL Server 7.0 automatically recalculates the table's distribution statistics when the number of changes ...
Use Enhanced SQL Server 6.5 Lock Manager's Row-Level Locking Granularity
by Jai Bardhan
Enhancements to the lock manager in SQL Server 6.5 provide row-level concurrency for INSERT operations. Properly implemented rowlock increases the speed of multi-user INSERT operations. Insert ...
Changing the Text Value of a Populated Field
by DevX Pro
How do I correct a spelling error in a table? I am at a loss as to where to start.
Insert Performance
by DevX Pro
When I try to do a simple insert in a table with 25,000 records, it takes a long time do execute. In the same database for a table with 2,000 records, it's immediate. Why is this?
Recompile Stored Procedures
by Deepak Pant
Normally when a user calls a stored procedure, SQL Server does not ...
Choose the Right Value of User Connections Parameter
by Jai Bardhan
User Connections parameter is used to set the maximum number of simultaneous connections to SQL Server. However, the actual number of connections may be less, depending on database environment. The ...
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