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Problem with Using Ontape
by DevX Pro
I am running Informix 7.3 on SCO Openserver 5. I run Ontape every morning and it has been going fine. Starting yesterday I've been getting the following error: Archive on rootdbs, onlinedata ABORTED. Aborted by client My tape drive is OK as well as the tapes. I can do a normal CPIO to it and read from it. Any help would be appreciated.
Queries Returning Empty Cursors on Informix
by DevX Pro
When in production (several users), my Web application starts getting empty cursors when querying the Informix server. I'm sure the 'right' results are not empty. Also, I've seen, using onmonitor, that accessing from the Web application I have two user threads tops. But I can't figure out how to correct this or what is limiting the access.
Selecting "N" Records from Result Set
by DevX Pro
How can we specify in a select statement to get first "n" records from the result set? E.g., select * from employee order by emp_num I just want the first 10 records in the output.
SP to Obtain a Substring
by DevX Pro
How do I create a stored procedure to obtain a substring of a char field from the first "[" encountered until the last-1 character? For example, I have a table named my_table with a field, field1 char(50): First row: field1 = "AAA [BBB CCC]" Second row: field1= "ABEDS [WAS WEE SS]" Third row: "W [BBBGGG FFF] The result I need is: BBB CCC WAS WEE SS BBBGGG FFF with the select: SELECT my_procedure(field1) FROM mytable
Temporary Table Creation
by DevX Pro
What is the advantage of creating temporary tables?
Asset Failed: Slot 1 Not Free in Page
by DevX Pro
My NT production system is down. Here's a breakdown: Update terminations, with error Inf -603, commit failed on table rfblg; RDBIF_SQL error on BSEG Running onchecks report BLOB Problems; error page; oncheck unable to correct database problem Attempted the following: 3.1 Reorganized/drop index of RFBLG 3.2 Unable to create index; error is BAD ISAM page Also unable to reorganized dbspace psapdn. Can I still salvage the database?
Informix Row Locking Problem
by DevX Pro
I created a simple SQL statement to update one row of a table in a transaction. I then updated a different row in the same table while this transaction was still open. I got a 107 ISAM error (record is locked). Now, the table is definitely set to row level locking and the table has no indexes to confuse the locking issue. Therefore, it seems not to be working. Do you have any suggestions?
Time Data
by DevX Pro
I am using Windows 2000 and ADO 2.5 with VB6.0 and I am retrieving a datetime field from an Informix database 7.3. The field contains time only. When the record is entered, that field is assigned only time; no date is entered. When I retrieve the data, all I get is an empty field (not null). When I tried to print the value of that field I get the Run-time error: '-2147217887 Multiple-step operation generated errors When I save the recordset using adoRecord.Save the original time values are in the saved file. I also get the original values when I use Microsoft Access and link the Informix table. I am using the same ODBC driver for ADO and Access. How can I read the time from the datetime field when only time is entered in the field?
Accessing External Table
by DevX Pro
How do I define an external table (that is not in my current database) in Informix and access the data in it?
Informix Registration Within SQL Server 7
by DevX Pro
How can I view Informix database tables via the SQL Server 7 Enterprise Manager?
SQL with Unix Arguments
by DevX Pro
How do I pass arguments from a Unix shell onto SQL for various SQL statements (e.g., select * from $tablename, create table $TABS, etc.)? Also, how do I get output from SQL within a SPL to several different files? So SQL executes many times and creates a different file each time. Tried to use OUTPUT, but gives some error.
Hyphen Or No Hyphen When Accessing DBACCESS
by DevX Pro
When accessing DBACCESS from a script, what are the consequences of leaving out the hyphen? What should we adopt as a standard, hyphen or no hyphen? Example: dbaccess mystores - OR dbaccess mystores
Chunk is Down
by DevX Pro
We are using IDS 7.30 FC7 on DEC/Unix 4.2. Two separate OnLine works on the same machine. Let's call them OnLine1 and OnLine2. While adding a new chunk (not mirrored) to the existing dbspace on the OnLine1 we specified its path to another chunk (not mirrored) which exists on OnLine2 by mistake, but the chunk added to the dbspace on OnLine1, and after a while it becomes down. Both IDSs are in the online mode, but we could not get Level-0 backup. Now we could not drop chunk and could not change its status to online. We tried with both onspaces -s command and onmonitor utility. Do you have any comments on this?
Error in Visual Studio Data View with CLI 2.40
by DevX Pro
I have installed the Informix-CLI SDK 2.40 (driver ODBC rev. 3.31) both in Windows 98se and NT 4 sp4, and I've encountered a problem with Visual Studio Data View when try to see tables from an Informix DB running on an AIX 4.3 host. I have problems with numeric data; the view is incorrect (0 when it must be 1). An older version of CLI SDK works correctly.
Exporting Informix
by DevX Pro
I need to migrate Informix data to an Oracle database. The current application front end imports with CSV files. Can Informix export to a CSV file?
Function Returning Character Position Within String
by DevX Pro
Is there a function in Informix equivalent to Oracle's instr() that returns the position of a character within a string? Also, is there a function that counts the number of times a given character repeats within a string?
ODBC drivers for Informix IDS 9.2
by DevX Pro
We are trying to get our application to work with Informix using ODBC, and we are having repeated failures. We cannot seem to access "memo" (large text) fields of any type using the supplied ODBC driver, version 3.31. We are on an NT system, and we have tried both MFC and raw ODBC with CLOBs, CHARs, LVARCHARs, and TEXT field types, but still it fails. Incidentally, we have no problems with SQL Server or Oracle. 1. Are there any other ODBC drivers we could try, and if so, does anybody know where we might find them? 2. Has anyone else had similar problems with memo fields and ODBC and found any solutions?
Using Mapinfo with Informix
by DevX Pro
I want to use Mapinfo with an Informix database, but I can't connect the database server from Mapinfo. The Informix dynamic server version is 5.0. My network protocol is tcp/ip, and the database server is working on a "sco" platform. Mapinfo is working on Windows98. What can I do about this problem?
Using Ports with Informix
by DevX Pro
From a Windows system I am trying to connect to an Informix database running on a Sun Solarix box, which was just moved behind a firewall. The Windows machine is running Access and using ODBC. It appears that the client chooses a random port to connect to the server based on the firewall blocks. Can the database be configured to use set ports rather than what appears to be random?
Blobs and Java
by DevX Pro
How can I get out the value of a blob to print out on a web page using Java? I am using a cursor to get out all the data from the columns. I am using getBlob(), but it looks like it is returning the address of the blob object.
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