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Store Procedure and View Creation
by DevX Pro
We need to create a view based on about 1600 tables. One of the problems is that we cannot enter all of the query into the buffer because the query takes too much space (more than 32k). Can we create a view by calling some store procedure? If so, can we use the same technique for the insert, update, and delete into that view?
Locking Rows
by DevX Pro
We are developing an intranet application using visual interdev on windows 2000 and our informix database is on unix. We are using stored procedures and the 'begin work' and 'commit' statements to update, insert and delete. We can lock the rows while in the stored procedure. However, we need to lock the row while the user is making changes on the intranet and not release it until the update statement has been committed.
by DevX Pro
I've archived/purged a few thousand rows of unnecessary data, but the disk space reading hasn't changed. Do I need to use the ALTER TABLE command to reclaim empty space from deleted rows?
Informix Data Types
by DevX Pro
Does Informix support user-defined data types?
by DevX Pro
When accessing dbaccess through a script (in UNIX), what is the importance of the hyphen after the database name? For example: dbaccess mystores- Why do we need a hyphen after mystores?
Error in Timed Job
by DevX Pro
I am getting an error ("Could not do a physical-order read to fetch next row" #244) while executing a job that runs a set of SQL statements every 30 minutes. When we stop the job and run it again after a few minutes, it runs fine. So I don't think it is a corrupted index file problem, as the book describes it. What else could cause this error?
Shared Memory Error
by DevX Pro
My Informix usually server starts fine, but when I try to add a database chunk with the onspaces command I get an error ("shared memory not initialized"). Any ideas?
Transaction State
by DevX Pro
How do I know if I am already in a transaction when I call a procedure from another one?
Win 95/NT Login To Informix
by DevX Pro
I cannot get 6 of 60 units to log in to an Informix application server. The units are all identical and they can ping the server. I get the message "Access Denied 999." Can you help with this?
Call VB Program from 4GL
by DevX Pro
How do I call an application made in VB from 4GL?
ASP Error: ODBC Driver General Error
by DevX Pro
I have been receiving the following (albeit general) error sporadically: "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver]General error." This error has occurred when the code accesses the datasource: (set conn = server.createobject ("ADODB.connection"): conn.open "DatasourceName". However, it happens only occasionally when using ASP. Cold Fusion does not yield the same type of error. Any suggestions?
Cursors in Informix
by DevX Pro
What is the purpose of using the fetch and declare cursor in Informix.4GL? How do you use the scroll cursor, and what are its advantages?
Date Time Values in Parameterized Queries
by DevX Pro
I have a parameterized SQL statement like the following: "insert into eSession (ESessionID, eUserName, eLastActivityTime) VALUES(?,?,?)" It's parameters are 'bbb','name' and '2000/01/01 22:23:25', using an ODBC connection. I can't make the date work. Even using the ODBC timestamp format of {ts'yyyy-dd-mm hh:nn:ss'} does no good, although it does work when the statement is not parameterized, like so: "insert into eSession (ESessionID, eUserName, eLastActivityTime) VALUES('bbb','name',{ts '2000-01-01 22:23:25'})" Is there a generic solution that works with SQL Server, Oracle and Access (I know, but I was young and needed the money)?
Releasing Database Locks
by DevX Pro
How can I release all existing database locks for all the sessions a specific user has started?
Running Ace Reports from Within 4GL
by DevX Pro
My ace report/shell script did not wait for user intervention. I have solved that with: script.sh mytty But now the screen needs refreshing with a CTRL-R. Is there a stty command to do this for the users?
Connecting Remote Client to Informix Server
by DevX Pro
I have an Informix 7.32 server on a Sun box and I need to connect to it from another Sun box. How do I ensure it's connected?
Database Connectivity
by DevX Pro
I am trying to connect to an Informix database via ODBC from Microsoft Access 2000. When I import a table from the Informix database, I see all the data. But why can't I open the datasheet to view the records when I link the table?
Informix and ASP Error
by DevX Pro
When I try to connect to an Informix database (via ASP) located on another machine on our LAN, I get the following error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed How do I avoid this?
Slow Report Generation
by DevX Pro
I'm developing a VB client application (using VB5) with an Informix database in the backend. However, the report generation that Crystal Report incorporates has always been very slow. What should I do?
Text Datatype
by DevX Pro
How do I search a text datatype column in an Informix database?
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