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Oracle - Page 2

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Presenting Dates in Varying Formats
by Sridhar MS
Dates are generally a requirement for every application. However, including dates for users across the globe can be tedious, because different people use different formats to read the date.
Getting New Values Entered into a Table
by Sachin Kainth
Find out how you can use :new.<fieldname> to retrieve new values entered into a table.
Making Tables Read-only in Oracle
by MS Sridhar
In Oracle, you can only control read/write capability for an entire tablespace, not for a single table within a tablespace.
Connecting to Oracle without Configuring the tnsnames.ora File
by Bill Cressman
Learn how to avoid configuring Oracle's pesky tnsnames file when connecting to a database.
Converting Numbers into Words
by MS Sridhar
Ever written a PL/SQL block of code to convert numbers to words? This easy line of code to accomplishes the same task.
Use Oracle and Triggers to Secure Table Data
by Sridhar MS
Ever deleted some tables accidently and had to waste your time doing them all over again? Oracle, in conjunciton with Triggers, provides an easy solution to this problem.
Use Oracle Obfuscation to Encrypt Data Securely
by Sushil Srivastava
Learn how to encrypt data—like passwords and other confidential information—using Oracle Obfuscation techniques.
Read an Image from a Database and Show it in a Browser
by David Elayaraja
This script reads the image from the databse and uses JDBC and stream to write it into a browser.
Inserting into Oracle Views and Using "Instead Of" Triggers
by Chris Farmer
Updating or inserting into a view can be difficult if your view has multiple tables. Learn how to use "instead of triggers" to make your updates easier.
Report the Name of the Current Database Instance
by Shushil Srivastava
Use this small code snippet to query the GLOBAL_NAMES view in Oracle.
Automatically Create All Missing Synonyms in an Oracle Database
by Shushil Srivastava
This script saves you trouble by creating the appropriate synonyms for your schema objects automatically.
Using the IF Condition in SQL with an Oracle Database
by Sridhar MS
Compare Oracle and SQL Server Dates
by Andy Clark
GetSqlPlusPath - Get the path of the Oracle's SqlPlus.exe utility
by Marco Bellinaso
Get the path of the Oracle's SqlPlus.exe utility
A Script That Lists All Tables and Their Column Names With Data Types
by Jatin Kumar
This script creates a report of all user owned tables and their columns with data types and nullability information. ...
Who Is Using the Oracle Database?
by Shiv Kumar
Renaming an Oracle Table
by Jiwan Kishore
Create a synonym to the table with a new name. A public synonym is accessible by all schemas in the database, not just the user who created the synonym.
Setting the SQL Plus Environment With login.SQL File
by Shiv Gupta
The environment of a SQL plus session, like linesize, pagesize, etc., can be permanently set according to one's own needs with the help of login.sql file. The settings can be set by a SET ...
Determining the Size of an Oracle Database
by Shiv Gupta
The size of the database is the total size of the datafiles that make up the tablespaces of the database. These details are found in the dba_extents view. Type the following lines at the SQL-PLUS ...
Examine the Number of Extents in a Table
by Jose Antonio
The amount of time it takes to retrieve data blocks is proportionate to the number of extents in the table. Ideally, a table should have one to three extents. Run this script from sqlplus to get ...
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