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Relational Databases - Page 2

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Counting the Number of Records in a Recordset
by Manoj K.
One of the handy features of working with the ActiveX Data Object (ADO) is the ability to load the results of SQL select statements into a Recordset. Once you have loaded the Recordset, you can ...
A Quick Way to Read Database Contents in ASP
by Manoj Singh
If you develop a complex Web application, you may find it a daunting task to keep track of the vast quantities of data on multiple domains in databases that quickly change every day. To provide a ...
Delete Duplicate Rows in a SQL Table
by Jayanta Sengupta
There are times when duplicate records somehow creep into a table despite your best efforts. This happens more in cases where data is loaded into table from other sources because during data loads, ...
Handle Ambiguity with Cutoff Year in SQL Server and OLE Automation Objects
by Jai Bardhan
While SQL Server uses 2049 as the cutoff year for interpreting dates, OLE Automation objects use the year 2030. To provide consistency in date values between SQL Server and client applications, it is ...
Copying Table Rows
by DevX Pro
I have two databases and two tables in them have the same structure (same columns etc.). How do I copy some rows from one database to another? Both tables have the same structure.
Managing the Processes on Your SQL Server
by Manoj K.
You can view a list of the processes currently running on your server by executing the sp_who system stored procedure. You can also view a list of active processes by expanding the Process Info ...
Using XSLT to Transform Flat Data Into a Hierarchy
by DevX Pro
I have a limited understanding of XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) and have been trying to figure out how to write an XSL document that will transform a highly de-normalized set of data into a hierarchical XML document. It looks to me like it would be easier to transform the data with a traditional programming language. This data serves as an example of this issue: Initial Data: Parent 1 Key, Attribute1, Attribute2, Attribute3, Child 1 Key, Child Attribute1, Child Attribute2 Parent 1 Key, Attribute1, Attribute2, Attribute3, Child 2 Key, Child Attribute1, Child Attribute2 Parent 1 Key, Attribute1, Attribute2, Attribute3, Child 3 Key, Child Attribute1, Child Attribute2 Parent 2 Key, Attribute1, Attribute2, Attribute3, Child 1 Key, Child Attribute1, Child Attribute2 Parent 2 Key, Attribute1, Attribute2, Attribute3, Child 2 Key, Child Attribute1, Child Attribute2 Desired Transformation: Parent 1    Child 1    Child 2    Child 3 Parent 2    Child 1    Child 2
Using XML Documents as a Database
by DevX Pro
Would it be practical to use an XML document, or more accurately documents, as a database, and if so, how would you recommend doing this? I would use XML, JavaScript, Internet Explorer 5, and HTML to accomplish this. There would be about 30 entities and 2000 individual records. I do not want to use a proprietary database, and this application will be intranet-based.
Let ASP's Server.MapPath Find Your Database
by Ken Cox
When you use a "DSN-less" data connection to a Microsoft Access database, you must provide the physical path to the database. If your files are kept on your ISP's Web server, you may have trouble ...
Stick With Jet 3.51 for Access 97 Databases
by Ken Cox
It is natural to assume that later versions of software will improve performance and fix bugs. However, you may run into the opposite if you try that with an Access 97 database and the Microsoft Data ...
Single-Threaded DLL and Web Server Application
by DevX Pro
We have a legacy database system called Universe, which is owned by Ardent Software. Ardent offers a product called uvObjects which is a single-threaded DLL that can be loaded on a PC and allows a connection to the database to read and write files and run commands and subroutines written in the Universe Basic language. We want to create a Web server application using WebClasses or Active Server Pages (ASP) that will hold a reference to this DLL and be able to access the database anytime the user makes a request. We feel that with many users, the browser would time out and the users would never get their data. Do you have any ideas on how we can work around this issue? We have given thought to using some type of message queue, but question the response time. Also, a DHTML application may be a possibility although we'd like to leave everything at the server level. Microsoft has said that using single-threaded components with ASP can cause Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0 to crash.
Cleaning Up Old Dumps
by DevX Pro
How do you clean up old database and transaction log dumps without removing the backup device? I cannot find a way to delete a single instance of either.
Save Database Resources by Being More Selective
by Ken Cox
When doing a database query with a SQL statement, it is convenient to use the asterisk (*) to retrieve all of the fields in the table whether you need them or not. However, this inefficient query ...
Add Full-Text Search of an Access Database to ASP Pages
by Ken Cox
Although SQL Server 7 is the more robust and scalable database for full-text searching, many developers still use Microsoft Access for less-demanding database applications. You can search an ...
T-SQL Data Conversion
by DevX Pro
I want to convert a signed integer into a 16-bit binary as part of a SELECT statement. For example: select myint, howeveritsdone as Binary from mytable myint Binary ---- ---------------- -137 1111111101110111 -100 1111111110011100 How can I do this?
Deleting a Table in SQL
by DevX Pro
Once a table has been created, is there any way of deleting it in SQL?
Take Care When Using File Based Databases with ASP Environment
by Jai Bardhan
When you use Access database or other file based database with Active Server Pages (ASP), you should make sure that the directory in which the database resides is marked as writeable for the user ID ...
Deleting Duplicate Rows
by DevX Pro
I have this table: declare tbl1 ( x int, y int, z int); I don't have a column I could use as a unique key. There are some duplicate rows (not just columns); for example, the row with the values 2,4,7 may occur several times. Is there a simple query I can run to delete all but one duplicate rows?
Converting a Character String into a Time Field
by DevX Pro
How do I convert a character string into a time field? Data is being read in as 12:10 and I need to calculate response times based on this field.
Changing the Text Value of a Populated Field
by DevX Pro
How do I correct a spelling error in a table? I am at a loss as to where to start.
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