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Relational Databases - Page 3

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Counting Specific Records
by DevX Pro
How do I count the records for a specific field? For example, I'm building a table for homes in a county. In the table are fields for cities and addresses for homes. I want to be able to get the results of how many homes are located in city1, how many homes are in city2, etc. I've read things on Count and Move. Am I headed in the right direction?
Start Your SQL Server in Minimal Configuration Mode From Command Line
by Jai Bardhan
In a Command Prompt window, you can start the SQL server in minimal configuration mode by typing: ...
Which Databases are Using the Most System Resources?
by Jai Bardhan
One can use the dbcc memusage command in both SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0 to determine which databases are using the most of the server's memory. You can run dbcc memusage by using the query tool ...
Using Recordset::GetString()
by Deepak Pant
You can use GetString() method of ADODB.Recordset object if you want to ...
Use ASP to Turn Your Database into an XML Document in an Instant
by Ken Cox
Everyone is getting into XML but most of us have our data in Access or SQL databases. You can dump your data to an XML file in an instant by creating a recordset and writing its contents to a flat ...
Start and Stop SQL Server 7.0 on Windows 98/95 With SCM.Exe Utility
by Jai Bardhan
If you are running the windows 98/95 version of SQL Server, then you can use the Windows 98/95 specific scm.exe utility to stop and start SQL Server. The scm.exe utility actually mimics Windows NT ...
SQL Server 7.0 Allows Creation of a Procedure that References a Nonextant Table
by Jai Bardhan
SQL Server 7.0 uses deferred name resolution in stored procedures, triggers, and statement batches. It allows the creation of stored procedures that reference objects that do not yet exist. During ...
Beware of Null Values in ASP Database Programs
by Ken Cox
The Active Server Pages HTMLEncode function is great for handling strings that come from a database, especially if the string includes foreign characters. However, you can get into trouble if the ...
Use the Right Cursor Type to get ADO Record Counts in ASP
by Ken Cox
If you are trying to count the number of records within a recordset but you're getting back the value -1, then chances are you're using the wrong cursor type. ...
Displaying Retrieved Text in a Certain Manner
by DevX Pro
When char data is retrieved, is there a way to display it in a certain way? An example would be a phone number. If the phone number data is nothing but a string of numbers, is there a way to tell the query to output it as 123-456-7890 instead of 1234567890?
Using Universal Data Link (UDL) Files to Build Your Connection
by William Wen
If you
Setting Timeout for ADO
by William Wen
If you have a data driven Web site, you might provide functionality so that a user can delete records from the database via a Web page. If there are lots of records, you
Access Legacy Data on Mainframe
by DevX Pro
How do you access data on a mainframe using ASP?
Quickly Establish a Database Connection from ASP Using File DSN
by Jai Bardhan
To quickly establish a database connection from ASP, try using a file DSN. The DSN string should not contain spaces, either, before or after the equal sign (=). In this case, the recordset object's ...
ASP Scrolling Through a Resultset
by DevX Pro
How can I display groups of records (for example, the first 10 records), then allow the user to click Next to display the next set of records? I have tried leaving the resultset/connection open, but I can't seem to reattach to it.
Use Connection Pooling to Enhance Performance
by Jai Bardhan
You can experience a great increase in database performance if you utilize connection pooling. Creating a connection to a database takes a lot of time and resources. If every you create a connection ...
Encountering Tabular Data Control Error
by DevX Pro
I have an index page where the user clicks on a name to bring up that person's biography on the next page. The names are hyperlinks to the next page followed by # and the number of that person's record. I use the Internet Explorer ActiveX Tabular Data Control (TDC) to retrieve the biography info from my Data Source Object (DSO). I use a simple JavaScript to retrieve the number and call the appropriate recordset: var carryString = document.location.hash; carryString = carryString.substring(2, carryString.length); var biosrs = biosTDC.recordset; biosrs.absoluteposition = carryString; Most of the time (but not always) I get the error, "The operation requested by the application is not allowed if the object is closed," when trying to load the TDC page and only the first record. This does not occur while running the page locally (off the hard drive)—only when it is online. How can I eliminate this problem?
Put Connection String in Application Variable
by William Wen
When you build a database driven Web site, virtually all Web pages need to connect to your database. You can copy and paste the same code that opens an ADO connection on each page, but that ...
Sorting by StartDateTime
by DevX Pro
I have a field called StartDateTime. In Microsoft Access it contained only a time. My code used to sort this field properly when outputting, so that morning events appeared at the top. Since migrating to SQL Server, however, the field is now sorted by the first character, and the field contains dates in the 1800s that never used to be there. 9AM events appear right after 9PM events in my output. So I ask: 1. How can I create just a TIME field for Microsoft SQL 7.0? 2. How can I sort the field properly (regardless of the answer for Question 1)?
Format Function In SQL Statement
by DevX Pro
I want to assign the result of a SQL statement to a multi-line text box, and I want to format the individual fields using the Format function. Can I do this inside the SQL statement, and if I can, how?
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